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The 003's are open Earspeakers so there is no isolation, and I can hear the music from the side that doesn't fit in the ear, ( obviously when I don't have them in my ears ) so I'm sure someone else would be able to hear them while someone is listening to them.They also fit in the ear canal, however in order to rest their ear tips on the end of the ear canal, the headband needs to be bent outwards.I've tried that because I've no plans on using the headband, so if I'd have...
I agree that hearing senses are stimulated in the dark, but I prefer to look at my BHSE when it's light.
When I've posted a photo of my BHSE I've done it while it was light, simply because I see no point in taking a photo of it in the dark because in the dark it's beauty ( IMO it's a beautiful looking amp) can't be seen. The BHSE again IMO, also sounds as good as it's looks.
I received the SR-003mk2's yesterday which I got from PriceJapan, and although I'm using them with my BHSE / K-01, they are the best valued phones I've ever heard. Like cucera mentioned about the 003's, the soundstage is smaller than the 009's, but for what they cost me I find the SQ is incredible. I did get the 003's to mainly use when the weather gets hot in the UK ( which isn't that often ) because when listening to my 009's ( that I also got from PJ ) the ear-cups get...
Although I ordered the SR-003mk2 from PriceJapan a few days ago, I actually ordered one in December from a UK Dealer, but after I placed that order I got an email saying they didn't have it in stock and it would probably be the middle of January before they'd have it. When it got to the middle of January I got in touch with the dealer and they said it would now be around the middle of February. It was then I decided to cancel that order and order it from PJ.
The main reason I've ordered the SR-003mk2's, is because June / July in the UK can get hot, and when that happens the 009's with their leather ear-cups get quite warm.So with the 003's I won't have that, or I shouldn't, and as you say the soundstage is smaller than the 007/009's, but they should give me an open sound I don't get from using my CIEM's which is what I listen to more when it's hot.
I've recently ordered the SR-003mk2's from the same place I got my 009's, PriceJapan. I got my 009's from PJ in 2011 and haven't had a problem with them, so I'm confident the 003's will be OK. I've read the 003's aren't that comfortable after so long of wearing, but I'm going to try out some spare comply foam ear tips I have for my Shure se535's. Kaneda of PriceJapan has informed me that they'll be shipped on the 20th, so I look forward to hearing how they sound driven...
That's probably the case because I've heard Justin doesn't make that much of a profit, well that's from the BHSE, I haven't heard about the other amps he does.
I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, and if so whether it would work in a business, but imo Justin should build the amps first, ( this is mainly with the BHSE and GS-Xmk2 ) then offer them to buy when they're done. Justin would probably be worried on whether they'd sell, but having the BHSE and reading others thoughts on his amps, I don't think he'd have a problem in selling them.
I'm not trying to defend Justin on the wait time or the lack of communication, because it sounds like most of us have had to go through one or both.But for those that haven't got a reply from either a PM or email, what makes them think they'll get a reply by posting it.There's also a thread done specifically for such complaints, so if they do have to moan then why not put it on there rather than this BHSE thread.
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