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I own a pair of LCD-XC's, and before I changed the headband head-fier IanG was listening to them and I could hear the music easily, however Ian does like to listen at quite a high volume so if you listen at low volume you shouldn't disturb your wife.I also don't think the LCD-XC's isolate that well, but that's in comparison to my CIEM's.
So Eric, with what looks to be enthusiastic posts you've written about the RKV-II and Verto box, do you know if there has been any ordered since you started writing about them.
I have the 009 / BHSE, and I also have the LCD-XC which I drove with the GS-Xmk2 before I sold that dynamic amp. I sold the GS-X because I was hardy using it when I started using PH tubes with my BHSE, however I'm in the process of altering my kitchen and conservatory and once they're done I'm planning on another headphone system in the conservatory. This new headphone system will consist of my LCD-XC, probably the Apex Teton and Metrum Hex DAC. I'm going for a tube...
I've read good things about the Apex Teton being used with the LCD-X, although that amp is $5,000.
IMO, Eric's posts will be great to read for those that suffer with insomnia.
Although I've never heard the Apex Teton or the LCD-X's, I have read ( somewhere ) that the X's sound very good driven by the Teton, not only that but I've also read that the parts used are some of the best available and the build quality is top notch. Those are a big eye opener for me and while I've never tried the X's, I do have the LCD-XC's to which I'd very much like to try with the Teton, however in the UK that would probably be somewhat difficult.
Birgir might be able to tell you that, but I've not seen him on head-fi for quite sometime.
I'm not saying where I bought my LCD-XC, but it wasn't from the UK.
I've seen the LCD-XC at $1799 in the US, but in the UK I've seen it at £1499 which converted is around $2484. However the first time I saw the price of the LCD-XC in the UK I believe it was £1699, so it has come down in price quite a bit over here.
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