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Once I got the 007mk1's ear pads in the right position I found those earspeakers were comfortable, but not as comfortable as the 009's, plus with the 009's I'm not messing about with the ear pads.
Regarding the 007mk'1 ear pads, the thing I didn't like when I had a pair of 007mk1's, was the ear pads revolving, but because of the 009's being fixed I like them a lot. I still get the so called Stax fart from my 009's, but only when I turn my head quickly.
I would be very surprised if anyone said they were dissatisfied with their BHSE. ( when I say dissatisfied I'm referring to it's SQ, looks, and build quality. And it wouldn't surprise me if every owner said they are completely happy with those three things.
To what I recall, when I ordered my BHSE ( March 2011 ) I was also given a time of 6 months, but when that time past I wasn't thinking where's my BHSE because I was prepared to wait whatever time it took. Now rather then keep mentioning the wait time, why not ask if anyone is dissatisfied with the BHSE, and also ask if anyone is extremely happy with everything about it.
Thank you for the link Somnambulist, but rather than get any new speakers, I might as well use my Yamaha sound bar, plus I enjoy listening to headphones a lot more than speakers anyway.
Sorry I put add when it should've been had.
 To me doing a statistic on the wait time is another way of complaining.  I'm not interested in reading posts about the wait time [ which some of the posts in the last 10 pages will probably be about ] because everyone [ including myself ] has add to go through the waiting game. To those that can't handle the waiting time, then IMO don't place an order.
 Why are you doing a statistic on the wait time ?
@ Richard [ The Attorney ]   Hi Richard,   It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on how you find the 009's sound while using the XF2's, however is there any chance you could try your PH tubes with the 009's. I've only heard the 007mk2's with my BHSE while using the PH's and I wasn't impressed, I find the SQ from the 009's using the BHSE/PH's is something else though. [ Easily the best headphone combo I've ever heard ]
 I've only been to see live bands at a club, but every time I did, as well as the music I could also hear noise from the crowd, whereas with a headphone system all I hear is the music, unless I listened to the live CD's I have when obviously I can hear the crowd. IMO no headphone system will ever reproduce a genuine real life sound, but I did say my headphone system is the closest to a life like sound I've heard from a headphone set up.
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