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 I was going to have another headphone system in a different part of my home Julian, but I've changed my mind on that, however with me only having the one stats amp, I'll still be getting a KGSSHV Carbon.
I heard my friends SR-007A that he got from PJ a couple of months ago, driven by the BHSE, and the SQ was a lot better than two SR-007mk2's I'd heard sometime ago, and to what I recall they sounded just as good as the 007mk1's, although it was sometime ago when I heard the mk1's, I was also using stock Mullard's with the BHSE when I heard the 007mk1's, whereas with the 007A Mullard xf4's were being used. Those 007A's hadn't had that mod done, so I obviously don't know how...
Both the amp unit and PSU don't get as hot as some might think, but the tubes do get very hot, so i think it advisable to have plenty of room for ventilation.
A month or so after getting my BHSE ( 2012 ), I got to hear 007mk1's, and the tubes being used were the stock Mullard's, to which I was very impressed with the SQ I heard, however I've only heard the mk1's with those tubes.
@ paradoxper, Thought it best to write this post on the BHSE thread, which is. I have two quads of Mullard xf4's, ( which I got both from the same place ) so they should last me a very long time, and more so when I get a KGSSHV Carbon. So my comment about NOS tubes at sometime becomng no longer available wasn't aimed at myself. I've also been told that Mullard wouldn't give away any of their secrets on how they built their tubes, so the chance modern day tubes will...
There probably are plenty of NOS tubes available, but a quad of top quality ones I'm not so sure, so, maybe you can say where a lot of top quality NOS tubes can be found.I could also get a KGSSHV Carbon late this year early next if I wanted to, but I'm having home improvements done before getting another stats amp.
While I've never heard 009's with a KGSSHV Carbon, I have with two KGSSHV's both owned by astrostar59, and although I prefer the BHSE to those KGSSHV's, I was still very impressed with how they made my 009's sound, in fact if I didn't have the BHSE, then I'd be very happy with a KGSSHV, having said that I like the idea of having a KGSSHV Carbon more so.
There's going to come a time when NOS tubes are no longer available, and those that are using NOS's should know they'll not last forever. This is another reason why I'm planning on getting a KGSSHV Carbon because I'll then probably be driving my Earspeaker's with that Carbon, as much as the BHSE, which means if I'm using the BHSE lesser, then my xf4's will obviously last longer.
It would be interesting to know whether these new Sennheiser stats headphones could be used with stats amps like the BHSE.
Birgir might change the silver faceplate for black on one the two he's selling at the moment, ( depending whether you'd like a full size or mini ) so maybe you should ask if he'd do that.
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