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I see, it looks very nice.
Which one is it ?
The only other tubes I'd like to try with my BHSE are NOS Mullard's or Philips Holland Metal Base EL34's done in the 50's, I'm not bothered about trying anything else.
To me Purple BHSE doesn't look bad, but when it comes to audio equipment I'd alway's go for Silver.
I've never heard the LCD-X, but have the LCD-XC which I was mostly using with the GS-Xmk2 before I sold that amp, and I found even with the GS-X the LCD -XC 's weren't at the same SQ level as my 009 / BHSE, IMO not even close. However as said I've never heard the LCD-X or used the Chord Hugo so I wouldn't know how that combo would compare. I now sometimes use my LCD-XC with my Pico Slim via my K-01 and at times my iPod.
I'd very much like to try NOS Mullard's with my BHSE, but not only do they seem rare, but when available quite expensive, plus with my source being very detailed ( IMO ) I'm not sure if the extra detail from the NOS Mullard's would be needed, but like said I'd like to find out.
With the NOS Mullard's apparently having more detail, transparency and clarity than the PV-PH's, using the BHSE how do the highs sound when using those NOS's ?
Very good, now how about some Du Hast and *****.
I'm listening to my 009 / BHSE right now Julian, and yes it's Rammstien. With what I'm hearing from that combo source being the K-01, I'm really looking forward to hearing your KGSSHV with my BHSE.
There's a strong possibility I'll be hearing a KGSSHV along with my BHSE maybe in a month or so, and both will be used with my K-01. In using the K-01 both amps can be listened to within seconds from each other, which I think is the very best way of comparing any differences.With the lottery there's a very slim chance of winning it. But with the BHSE, you will eventually get it if you place an order.
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