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@ verycoolalan, In getting a BHSE ( IMO ), one's not just getting an amp of amazing SQ, but has the best of build quality, as well as those two it's also an investment, simply because if any owner decided to sell theirs ( something I'll never do ), they could ask and probably get more than they paid for it. I also now have a Yggy, and I'm enjoying the SQ from that DAC more than I did the Esoteric K-01, the Yggy also stopped me from saving for a CH Precison C1 after...
I've seen some saying the HE-60 sounds very good driven by the BHSE, whereas Birgir has an HE-90 and put Lambda Nova Signature drivers in that headphone, so obviously he can't have reckoned that much about the HE-90 with it's original drivers.
It's good Hi-FiMan have designed the Shangri-La so it could be used with most stats amps, but it's hopes Sennheiser will do the same with another version of the HE-1060 at an affordable price.If they did that then (IMO ) it would show they're considerate to those of us that can't afford the new Orpheus system.
Haven't tried the XF2's or Bugle Boys with the BHSE, but I agree with everything else you mentioned wink, apart from the SED Winged C's. I have a quad of those SED's and using the 009's I found them to be not much better than the stock Mullards, but with the 007's they were/are ( IMO ) very good.
I found the 009's started sounding really good driven by the BHSE when I started using Psvane PH tubes and more so NOS Mullard xf4's which I have in my BHSE now.When I was using the stock Mullard's the 009's sounded very uncomfortable.Yes I found astrostar59's KGSSHV's did give the 009's a stronger bass than with the BHSE, but that doesn't mean it's a better bass. I suppose it depends on whether you're a bass-head or not, which I'm not.I prefer the BHSE to Julian's...
The posts you've done on this thread are only assumptions, seeing how you've never heard the Orpheus 2, but that hasn't stopped you from writing an umpteen amount of posts about that headphone system.With that said IMO you should stop posting on this thread until you've actually heard the Orpheus 2, then you won't need to assume.
@ astrostar59, Someone has said they sold their once had 009's after hearing the Abyss, but I didn't see mention what amp was being used with those 009's.
Julian has two KGSSHV's both built by headinclouds, but whether they are better than the BHSE is IMO down to personal taste.I've heard both of Julian's KGSSHV's and they did give the 009's a stronger bass, but to what I recall they also made the 009's sound similar to the LCD-XC I once had, in other words not as open sounding as when driven by the BHSE.The thing to do though is to try both amps together to know for sure.
IMO the reason why mulder01 has banged on about the Orpheus 2's price so much, is because he's probably bothered it might sound much better than his beloved Abyss.Now the Orpheus 2 more than likely sounds better than my 009/BHSE/Yggy, but I'm not bothered about that probability.
Thank you up late, pity bfreedma hasn't noticed all the comments made by mulder01 on this thread.
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