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I am jealous - the last time I tested, I was about 4 or 5kHz!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia ^ I'd choose the ipod touch due to the size, it's less cumbersome for quick tasks and can well, fit in your pocket. Personally, I'd just get a cheap netbook if I had to put something on my non-existent coffee table. I do not have an ipod touch but it seems more to my taste than the ipad. Size is important, I don't like carrying a phone so the ipod touch may be the max that i could carry around. It does seem...
For a portable gadget, will the ipad be better than an ipod touch for a quick glance at calendars, messages, a quick web search. With both sitting on the table in front of me will I only choose one over the other due to screen size?
The movie was a very good documentary of his tour preparation and showed MJ to be in good form. The pace kept my interest up until the end of the movie. Good sound, and a glimpse behind the scenes made it fun to watch.
shesmovedon and Feel So Low - Porcupine Tree
Pitt id the first number one seed to go down. Good game? sure - one of the best? if villanova takes the prize then yes louisville and MSU next!
Avishai Cohen - Colors
I voted for the lowest available. I can only get to 4.5K I'm 57
When we were growing up it was always the beatles vs the stones. Good boys vs the bad boys. Nothing matters tho. I can't believe how my life changed in a scant two minutes into "A Day In The Life" and we were only half way through the song! The Stones great band that they were - were always playing catch-up.
I will say this game was great. I would venture to say that if Pierce can be effective and isn't out for the series, it'll be the Celtics. If Pierce can't play....we'll just have to see.
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