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  I haven't yet ordered my HE-400's yet, so this is great news as i was looking at other headphones!  If i were to order from head-direct, at which point in time should i go about doing that to ensure i get the latest revision drivers (rev4?) ?   Also, how will we be able to distinquish the new revision from the older ones? white, yellow drivers, etc.   Thank you in advance, and for impressive customer care : )
  Love it! That's such good news : ) I'm impressed.
  Thanks bo. I seem to be doing all this, and i can use the E17 in the way you describe. The Headphone out of the Asus is a Jack, so i have a Jack-MiniJack converter on it, into the E17 Aux (set to aux). What i'm experiencing is some really annoying disturbance in the signal this way, which i don't get when i'm plugged directly into the Asus. Could it be that the E17 is actually amping something that i wasn't noticing before? Might a different cable help? I'm using the...
  Drawing wasn't clear : )   Xonar Essense ST --(AUX)-->       E17 (Set to Aux)  ----(Headphone out)-->    Headphones   But disregard. For some reason, when i set default playback device to my Xonar, it somehow reverted back to the E17 SPDIF device. I did a reboot and it works now.   But there's some really annoying noise when i run it through the E17 which isn't there if i just plug the headphones directly into the Xonar. Gain is 0, even. Ugh.
Hey guys.   I got my E17 and i'm trying to use it in this setup:     Xonar Essense ST --(AUX)--> E17 (AUX) ---> Headphones     I.e. I'm trying use my PC DAC and just use the E17 for amping. But for some reason, i can't get AUX to work, even when the E17 is not USB charging. I've tried changing the default playback device back to Xonar Essence (Was set to E17 when i plugged it in)  in my sound settings in Win7, to no avail.   Any ideas? Cheers!
  Damn you. Now i can't stop singing Wham! - Last Christmas in my head / bathroom. 
Saw a pair of Beyerdynamic 990 Pro's on an older chap here at work.
  Allright. Still a shame. But i'm dying to try these out and so i'll probably pull the trigger soon, especially since a new revision could take a while! But judging from the HifiMan customer service thread, it seems like this forum has/could have alot of influence on future products. That's pretty awesome.
  Did you get the latest revision (r3) ?
  Oh :D I get it now. I wasn't prepared. Sadly.
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