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  Cool, i'll check it out. Would there be any sense in getting a regular Toslink cable and using mini adapters, for more flexibility? I noticed the E17 came with one.
    Cheers bo. Thanks for clearing things up a bit. Seems like i'm ready for another round of tests once i get some new cables :) 
  I'm using a quarter inch adapter into the headphone out on the Asus card, that's correct (I did not know the jack sizes in inches, thanks). I've tried the E17 through USB so the noise doesn't seem to be the fault of the E17. Also, when i use it as AMP/DAC with my Ipod, there's no noise at all either. I guess maybe i should get a proper cable to use with my PC.. maybe even use the SPDIF/Toslink out.    And regarding headphones for the E17, what do you mean when you say...
  I've tried searching for this cable at many of FiiO's european distributors, without luck. Is this product not out yet or am i just looking in the wrong place?
Great vocal recording i forgot to mention:   Jeff Buckley - Grace.
  You were absolute right. That's a pretty amazing recording! Funny thing is, i recognize so many of the songs, even tho i've never really listened to Eagles. Lots of sentimental value inthere. I dig it :) 
  +1. Definately!
  From the announcement, it seemed like they'd pay for it. "and want to replace them at our expense as soon as possible."
If you're into metallica, try the ".. And justice for all" album. It's got alot of highs, due to a deliberate down-played focus on bass on that album. I haven't tried the HE-400 yet, but it's the first thing i'll listen to.
  Thought about exchanging your rev3's for the new ones? Couldn't hurt.
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