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I messed around with some more 3.5mm jacks from various devices and it seems that the 3.5mm fit is simply VERY, VERY snug, and the reason why the jacks came half-way out again was because they weren't fitted properly. It feels like i have to use a bit of force, but in the end the 3.5mm connectors will "click in". Doesn't seem quite natural, but maybe it'll get better.
  I got it from Amazon in the UK. It says "Alpen". Haha, confusing myself on the whole inch/mm issue. 8 inches is rather big! Trying to use what i hear people use the most, but if i had my way i would say "3.5mm" :P 
I'm having a small issue with the fit of the headphone-out of the E17 to the 8 inch jacks on my headphones. It's not a very snug fit, for some reason and the jack keeps popping out when i'm on the go. It takes very little touch to come loose. More precisely, it doesn't feel like the jack "clicks in" and stays put.   Anyone else with this issue?
  Hey Peter, thanks for getting back to us!   Have you already taken actions to prevent all future sales of yellow plastic versions, or should we wait a while to place our orders?   Cheers!
  Perfect! :) Thanks.
What's the stock cable for the HE-400 like? Can't seem to find much info on it. Does it come with a quarter or 8 inch jack connector? (Wanting to use it with E17)
When will the new revision (3.5? 4.0?) be in stock at Head-Direct for ordering?   Thanks!
Yes it's a combo output. Thanks for the knee-jerk reaction tho! : ) Appreciate it.
  Haha, allright. I'll go for mini-to-mini, thanks 
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