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  Haha, this really blows my mind :) Consider this: If it's possible to snap a picture with a good camera such that it seems to be "photoshopped", that should say something about our perception of images in terms of lightstage and depth. In this case, I think we're victims of bad lighting choices (flash & natural light = weird shadows, + bad focus. I'm a crappy photographer, what can i say) and the resolution of the image being too high. It's quite interesting.   I'll...
They also coined the term "The World's Finest Headphones". :) So price may go up even further!
  Avatar is the second stage of Coffee, after the first few sips. I've tried finding the full cartoon again but it eludes me.
I took a closer look, and i think i see what you mean! The flare reflection in  the CD cover is overexposing the E17/Ipod which makes it look like a really unnatural edge at the top.
  I'm no expert on "shopped" pictures, so can you be more specific? Because that's pretty interesting :) It's obviously a scaled down version of the original image which is high res (3872 x 2592 pixels, 300 dpi) taken with a Nikon D60 using flash.   If i wanted to photoshop (and knew how to do it), you can bet i'd photoshop  some better gear in ^_^    The reason why there's no "shadow" in front of the ipod is because the soft light emminating from the window (rainy day,...
  Excellent, thank you!
  My current, humble, portable rig. That's an E17 underneath the ipod. Upgrades pending! I was unable to use the FiiO straps that came with the E17 because my sammich' is too flat, and i had to find some rubberbands in the kitchen 
  Yay us. I'm sure you'll let us all know when you do get it?    And're probably right. I went blindly with the E17 + HE-400 recommendation based on other peoples preferences/oppinions, so here's to hoping it suits me! We're hard pressed for things like CanJam overhere, so everything is based on a hunch.
  Correct. It fits snug, but i have to apply what seems like unnatural force to get it seated properly. It seems to have gotten a bit better (i've been "exercising" the headpone out for a bit), so maybe it's just growing pains.   I'll definately update once i get the spdif cable. Should be in the mail tomorrow :) Woo.   I guess i could add some early impressions aswell. I'm still waiting on my HE-400's, but even now with a pair of Denon AH-D1100's, i'm pretty impressed...
  I found the CD locally for cheap money.
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