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  Allright. Guess i better figure out what the real problem is then :) I've got some more cables and adapters to try out. Thanks.
  That was actually going to be my next question. I found this:   "But yes, the ST/STX will pass through 5.1 Dolby/DTS signals over SPDIF"   However, most seem to think it's a waste to use spdif out with a card like the Xonar Essence since you circumvent the powered amp, and there's no way to tweak using opamps. So using spdif, i'm actually using the E17 DAC? Or am i using neither (Dolby/DTS affected data stream over optical)?   *edit due to new insight*
To quote Chewy4 from another post.  
Welcome to the forum Elgreco!   There are lots of DT880 reviews scattered around the forum. Here's one: Best thing to do is probably to read about peoples experiences and see which AMP/DAC combo fits those headphones the best and try to correlate it with your own tastes.    Some cheap and praised AMP/DAC combos you could have a look at is the FiiO E17 at $130...
  That was an insanely cool video.
  I received my mini-toslink optic cable today. Problem solved. Zero noise, even with gain. Seems like a pretty cheap solution if you've got S/PDIF output on your soundcard :)   That being said i'm really happy with the sound i'm getting from the Xonar Essence (DAC) / E17 (AMP) combo. Even using my mediocre headphones it's a vast improvement. 
  Haha! Thank you 
  I agree completely :)
  I just looked it up on wikipedia: lol. 
  Hmm, I suppose one could do that :) hadn't thought of a method so deceptive! But in any case, here's a different shot... with green rubberbands! ^_^ I hope to be upgrading the setup with a pair of HE-400's soon.    
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