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Mine are scheduled to arrive the 22nd and are in Paris atm. Can't wait!    *Edit* @ FedEx-tracking site:  F5, F5, F5, F5!
  Np! Thanks for the info! :)
Hi Eric,   How's your stock of HE-400 at Head-Direct? Placed an order last thursday and it hasn't shipped yet : )   Cheers!
  Nice find!
  Hey Peter,   Thanks for getting back to me. I emailed customer service and also just got a response in the customer service thread here on the forum. HeadDirect is now only selling "Rev 2" :) Thank you!
  That's good news, thank you! 
  Could it be that maybe they mean extra accessories? Like velour pads and non-standard cables? Stock pads and cables aren't exactly accessories.
  Interesting! I'll check these out.
Hi EricHD,   Has HeadDirect removed all the yellow-plastic-driver HE-400's from stock, preventing future sales of it? I'm itching to place an order, but i don't want to be stuck with having to return it again :)    Thanks!
  Haha. I kind of like it. I have this picture of my grandma sitting at HeadDirect taking care of everyones problems (Altho that thought is equally frightening).
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