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I'm pretty happy with the stock cable that comes with the HE-400, but it's too long (and a tad too stiff) for portable use for me. Can anyone recommend a decent, flexible, shorter cable for portable use?    Thanks!
I'm really enjoying the "2nd law" album from Muse. Great production value and lovely variety of sound textures. Specifically "Follow me" which has some great electronic bass, crisp guitar distortion and ofcourse that everpresent, epic voice from Bellamy. Looovely on HE-400.
I can also add that i recently ordered a fresh pair from HeadDirect which are working as originally intended by HifiMan. They sound fantastic.
  I think MLE is simply advocating that we don't come up with our own "revision" numbers and simply label the bad batch (Formerly known as "Rev 3")  for what it is : "Faulty", "Yellow plastic dud", etc. Fang also tried to stress this, because they don't respond to any of the labels we attach to their products and giving them official sounding names might get confusing real fast.
  I placed an order with HeadDirect 2012-10-11 8:39:00. Shipped from Hong-Kong with expected delivery date of 22nd. At a local FedEx facility in Denmark on the 19th and I didn't get it untill the 23rd,  to no fault of HD's.
  Yikes, some pricetag on the 007's :) It's reassuring that the the HE-400 competes well at it's price level. 
My HE-400's were waiting for me when i got home!    I have very few reference points in this, to me, relatively new world, which makes the HE-400's the best thing i've ever heard audio-wise. I put them on without really knowing what to expect, coupling them with an Xonar Essence ST and an E17.    I'm currently enjoying the Metallica S&M live symphony album. Soundstage is so crazy compared to my Denon D1100's. Crisp, distortion guitar with a strong presence and...
  I don't get things by FedEx very often, but this seems handy, thanks! :)
  It was a slight structural change to the driver that had an unfortunate sideeffect. They've reverted the change and you can now only buy the "rev 2" drivers.
  Stick Rockbox on an iPod, and it will!
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