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  Computers are cooler than cars anyhow, so it's all good  ^_^ 
Amazing work, David! Wowow! :)
Darn, i missed that offer :)
I'm with Matt on this one. I've tried alot of different rock/metal genres now and for me it really comes down to the quality of the recording and sound engineering. Some rock-recordings are just decent while some are outright amazing (i.e. "Muse - 2nd law"). In general i really like the HE-400's precise bass for most rock-recordings because it makes the soundstage seem less muddy and allows more emphasis on distortion guitars and vocals IF the recording allows it.  So it...
  Took a chance myself, but it went through nicely. Had HeadDirect label the package as low-cost/gift. They'll do it no problem if you let them know (If you ordered from there, that is, and they haven't shipped yet) :)
  Wow. Loved that one.
  Definately! I don't understand the mixed reviews at all. 
  Thanks for the tip, i'll check it out! :)
  Have you tried posting in the HeadDirect/Hifiman Customer Service thread?
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