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  I have audible hissing with my current Denon D1100 headphones on the ST. I was wondering about that. So you're saying that i wouldn't experience any hissing with the HE-400's, them being relatively effecient and having low impedance?
       I was planning on getting a pair of HE-400's. Guess i'll be looking at an amp aswell. Gotta love this forum : ) Thanks.
Nice read.   I'm preparing for a desktop setup that i'll run from my PC, and i've been looking at the Asgaard which seems to deliver at a reasonable price. A few of you mention that the Asgard is picky with it's sources; so my question is. What's the verdict on sourcing from PC/Xonar essense ST  and amping with an Asgard. I'm looking at Hifiman HE-400's for headphones.   Basically, i'm not interested in blowing up the volume too high with this setup.   Thanks...
Are you guys running straight out of the headphone out, or have you felt a need for external amping (Depends on the headphones i imagine)? If so, what headphones have you felt a need to amp externally?   Cheers!
  Cool, thanks. For now i'll only be using the headphone out but i guess i'll be using the RCA when/if i move to a desktop amp.
  Thanks for the tip! Basically i went with that combo because of what i read in the Q/A section on opamps. Has anyone actually had trouble using the LM6172IN in the buffer slot? Maybe i'm getting things mixed up, but i thought there was only a single buffer slot? You mention using dual LME49990MA's.    Cheers.
    My wallet appreciates your concerns :) I'll settle for dreaming about these headphones for now (I actually dreamt about them last night). But i should really focus on building up my entry level setup first. I'm still pretty new to the scene and my current setup is a Xonar Essence ST with stock opamps / Denon AH-D1100's. I doubt i'd be able to enjoy a pair of TH900's without atleast a dedicated desktop amp (?).
Mine is snipped from a comic about the wonders of coffee. In particular, i believe this is from stage 2: "After the first few sips". 
  Cheers man! I'll be placing an order : ) 
  Believe it or not, but i'm having the same problem again, even at that Ebay shop : )   Which one did you get? 
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