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What exactly is sibilance? From what i could read on wikipedia it's some sort of high pitched sound resulting from the articulation of words like sip, zip, ship, chip, and Jeep? But unsure how it relates to what you guys are hearing.
  Hi,   Can you guarantee this? : ) Ssounds great. VAT/Taxes/fines are the same reason i haven't ordered anything from yet-.
  Still learning new lingo. How does a "hot" treble sound?
  Seems like a standard trend, used as an accessory mostly for looks. The Marshalls are mostly popular with the younger crowd  and since everyone knows Marshall guitar amps, having miniature look-a-likes on your ears must be awesome and give lots of street-cred right? : ) 
  I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!
  It did felt terrible sharing that youtube link to No Excuses. Even tho the video was in HD (supposedly), the sound does not do the recording justice by any measure. It's one of my most treasured CD's! :)  I haven't heard Eagles - Hell Freezes Over, but i'm intriegued if it's anything near the AIC recording! I'm not a big Eagles fan in general, but it feels like i'm starting to appreciate music in general more the better my equipment gets.
There seems to be a trend in Aarhus, Denmark these days for: So many of them! But there are more Beats :)   I've spotted a few AKG's and a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900's at a LAN recently, but other than that it's a forrest of iphone buds here
Hi Crompers,   Welcome. Here's a huge thread about headphones for gaming (primarily), with tons of awesome reviews. You may find some tips inthere.
  Interesting. Thanks! Seems the item is still shipped from the US tho, hmm. 
  Another heroic tale! Makes me want to just go for it and possibly save $100.
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