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  QA: Quality Assurance.
Thanks for the tip, i'll check it out :)
  Pro info, Jerg. How bad is the ringing? I'm having such a hard time figuring out how HifiMan QA gave the new drivers a GO if it's as bad as it's made out to be.
  Awesome stuff! Having heard the rev3, can you theorize about how the rev3 frequency response looks?
  What a shame. I think i'll give the whole album a listen when i can. What's the next best thing in DnB then?
Jerg, thanks for the chart. Mind a quick introduction to how to read it? Also, is there one for the earlier revisions around for comparison?   I'm pretty bummed about all the negative attention the HE-400's getting. I was pretty sure it was going to be my next headphone, but now i'm not so sure. Then again, i have no idea if i'll hear what everyone else is hearing.
  Interesting stuff, Commix! Not my genre generally, but it seems like a really cool album to showcase a good pair of headphones.
  Sounds great, thanks! :)
  Thanks for clearing that up. So the HE-400's rev 3 have sibilance? Is this something really apparent, or do you need to be a skilled listener to notice it?
What exactly is sibilance? From what i could read on wikipedia it's some sort of high pitched sound resulting from the articulation of words like sip, zip, ship, chip, and Jeep? But unsure how it relates to what you guys are hearing.
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