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Mr V, cheers. Sounds like DIY could be the way to go for me.
Hey guys,   I've tried searching the forum for some info on various soft cables, but i couldn't find exactly what i needed.   The stock cable on the HE-400 is great to me audio-quality wise, but it's both too long and stiff for my liking (Oh shush!). I've checked out both Toxic cables, ChrisHimself, etc, to find something more soft and flexible, but i've been wondering if it's possible to have a plain cable of the same quality as stock but with flexy properties,...
Well what do you know. I was just thinking about how this matter was progressing.   Incredible! So happy for you :)
My drivers are a sandy white too, so i think you're good : ) Do they sound good to you? 
  Check page 2, you'll find an image of the old drivers (white).
Giving Starcraft2 - Wings of Liberty soundtrack a spin. Sounds so good on the HE-400! Such a great production really. Symphony, distortion guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, harmonicas, electronic. It's got such a wide range.
  Mmm, that's a really good mix.
  That's why i love this thread. Would never have come across this on my own.   Amazing recordings. So many textures. I don't listen to rap or jazz usually, but i really dig this souly-jazzy-rappy-funky mix!
  All of the above usually come at the cost of weight and lack of comfort. (J/K ofcourse! Couldn't help myself :) ) 
  So what kind of girlfriend did you get? Easy to drive? Laid back? Bright? ;)     (Hmm. I guess girls and headphones share alot of common ground)
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