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Hey guys,   The Mojo is being branded as a great companion for smart-phone users. Are they saying that requirements towards a great DAP are lower than usual? Is this in any way related to the FPGA tech they're using?   What are people outthere pairing it with? Both DAPs/HP's.   Thanks guys! Cheers
Damnit, i'm having issues with my HE-400s -_-    When i'm listening i sometimes have strange noises coming from the headphones, caused by physical phenonema.    1) An occasional "creeak", like someone is squishing the drivers or the plastic support. The sound appears at various levels of intensity.  2) An occasional loud "pingggg", as if something is giving way.   Any ideas? Thanks in advance   Best regards, Martin
  Very informative, thanks. I definately recognize the slightly dry sound and thin bass of the stock velours.
Cheers, Jerg. Thanks for clearing that up :)   Now where did i put those pleathers! Until i find them, these modded velours still sound better than stock (Thankfully).
My pleather pads are stored away somewhere, but since i was going to destroy the velour pads anyways for this mod i decided to just go ahead and try the damping and back-vent mods. What a difference! I think i might even go for a few more stacks of tape for extra back-venting (Seems my stacks are a tad smaller than those displayd here).   I've tried playing a bit with the distance between my ears and the drivers and i'm not sure i'll feel the benefit much from the...
  Interesting. What was terrible about it?
Whats your favorite way of connecting an external amp to the Essence ST/X?    1) Double amping through the Headphone out? 2) Through RCA ?   Cheers!
Haven't been through all 165 pages yet, and couldn't find anything by searching, so i'll just go ahead and ask :)   Can anyone compare the Aune T1 DAC to the Xonar Essence ST?   Cheers!
I wasn't expecting much from this simple mod, but it really does tighten up the bass and makes room for the mids. Add a touch of treble from my E17 and i'm getting the sound i'd hoped for in genres like metal core where a muddy bass can ruin everything. Thanks!
For anyone in Denmark:   All the techflex your heart desires. F6-Quiet they say is cottonsoft and recommended for audio cables. They also have heatshrink etc.
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