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I do this, and i have 2 ways to do it.    First way is to make one of these, http://www.instructables.com/id/Altoids-Tin-18-Stereo-Mixer/  This works, but you have no volume control from a source like a PS3.   The second way is if your computer onboard/sound card supports it, feed the multi AV line with L and R RCA outputs into the line in on your mobo, then set up stereo mix in the sound control panel. My basic Realtek soundcard built into my mobo can do this once i...
Been working on my 2245 and lucky I got some donated parts from something else.       This poor 2216 was dropped or something because the whole back right corner was smashed in, but it still had its lamps and feet so I stole them for my working 2245.           still ended up being 1 lamp short.... but ohh well, I'll find the missing one sooner or later. Also replaced the old taped up cord, and cleaned as best I could. Couldnt find de-oxit anywhere locally so...
Its not broke, it works fine as it is, just some burnt out bulbs. It just wasn't taken care of that well and could use new caps.  These things just get thrown out. Same time the Marantz came across my desk this Panasonic also showed up, but its in nice condition, so will be getting sold. 
couple hours away. I don't mind doing the work on it though, will give me something to do for a while and i love working on electronics of any age, but will save the name just incase. Thanks.  Its amazing the things I see ppl throw away.
If that SR-63 didn't get me in the vintage club, this one sure will, once again a rescue that someone had tossed, it still works but needs a lot of love and i am willing to spend the time on it this summer. guess i better start reading up on cleaning these up and doing cap jobs. Think i will upgrade the old lamps to LEDs as well.        
My first ever receiver, got it just a few days ago. Someone had cut the cord and was going to recycle it, I couldn't stand to see it just die without a test of life, so gave it a new cord to see if it still worked and it works wonderfully so I brought it home with me. Not as vintage as some of the nice stuff in here, but i think early 90s still qualifies. Beats the pants off my TV speakers just using some old cheapies I have had the the garage for 5 years and it has tons...
Finally got a DSLR. Soooo first night shot of my amp, and blurry dac in the background, nothing super fancy.  
Ok, so after having my T1 for 2 & 1/2 weeks and not having any problems, I'd have to say this is probably the best thing I have done since buying my first pair of quality headphones. Can't believe I waited this long. My music just sounds amazing, I loved On The Painted Desert a lot with just my headphones, but now....its hard to put into words how much more amazing it is, just so much more to the music now. The mids and highs are to die for, Cellos and Violins sound...
 ahh, didnt look at those, only looked at the 7308 gold pins. thanks
ops, sorry, even if its not a real tube amp, still something to get my feet wet and gotta start some place. And the T1 really caught my eye when I learned about it.   Thanks for the tips, I've read through a lot of this forum and have many tubes on my list I've started, the rocket and tungsram are on there, but for the price I guess I will start with those 2 and be sure I get a good unit before getting some of the more pricey tubes like the amperex to try out.
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