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I think the T90s greatest strength and biggest selling point is it's versatility, both in its genre bandwidth and delivery of quality, faithfully reproduced sound from any source.
Yeah I love my 10s... Gonna get mine reshelled once my JH13s sell.
TF10 is awesome. No reason to go any higher.
Locked and loaded...
27th sounds good, I should be there!
Has anyone heard anything from LH with regards to progress on the Windows bug and/or a timelime fot releasing a fix? I really want a GO but I don't feel safe buying one yet; if this is a software thing that can be patched with drivers, and they will definitely have a fix in, say, a month or so, I will go ahead and buy, but if they are releasing a whole new unit or don't have a timeline for the fix, I'm gonna send my uS in for repairs...
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