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 Glad you're enjoying them dude ^_^ Can't wait to see what you think!
Many thanks :) We've done our best to be as transparent as is reasonably possible, and we will stop at nothing to make sure we deliver the best DAP we are capable of creating, and making good on the faith that our backers have placed in us.
 Glad to hear that man :) We're doing everything we can to make this work.
It's not impossible, but we're focused on delivering what we've promised thus far. If it's a simple software fix, we'll do it, no question - it's a feature I'd really love to see, too.But we won't do anything that could delay the launch in order to add more features.
Honestly I do understand your frustration - it's been a while, there's no doubt about that. Unfortunately this is what happens when you're starting a new company, and working on a product as complex as an Android device for the first time. I know it's not what you want to hear, but these are just the facts of being a new company.Regarding the certification process, if you re-read the update you'll find zero inconsistencies in information provided - it does normally take...
According to my understanding, yes. Android 6.0 incorporates floating point audio, meaning that the automatic down sampling don by Android can by bypassed at a software level by apps that allow the user to select sample rates. One of the drawbacks of working with 4.2 was that we had to write special code for each individual app to ensure sampling rates above 16/44.1k processing. So our stock player baked into the UI could facilitate 24/192k processing, but third party apps...
Hey guys! As promised, I'm here with an update this time. Due to the aforementioned software compatibility issues, we'll be switching chipsets to the RK3128. It's a newer chipset than the 3188, which means we'll have better compatibility and stability, which is awesome! It's also allowing us to upgrade to Android 6.0 right away, which would have been a real pain to do on the RK3188 given its outdated architecture; it's possible, but would take longer, and nobody wants...
We'll see...^_^
New Posts  All Forums: