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Could the GO720 be used with an Android? I want one source that I can use with my laptop and phone/tablet that will drive the HD700 properly. Should I be looking at this or the Meridian Explorer? Any other suggestions? Using the HRT Microstreamer at the moment, but it's bass is a little soft for my taste, and I feel like even my 32 ohm DT770s could use a bit more juice than it puts out; other than that it's awesome.
Double bass, one high/mid. Don't let that deceive you, though; they have good bass, but it's not much more than neutral.
Wow, really glad I didn't preorder with all these late arrivals and volume bugs...guess this is why preorders are discounted!! Really looking forward to the finished product. Anyone know which Geek Out would be best for the HD 700? Probably the 750?
Anyone tried these with the Geek Out? Which model would be best for them, 750 mW or 1000?
Hey guys, quick update: I'll be bringing a product sample tomorrow, a few sets of earphones that have been coated by my company to be water resistant; very close to being fully waterproof, actually. I've got a few samples to give out, preferable to members of the trade so if anyone is interested in the ultimate outdoor/exercise/weatherproof earphones...come and get it! Its actually a service anyone in the LA area can have done to their earphones; we have a kiosk at the...
TBH I really drink mostly just water :P Thanks for offering though!   I'm going to try and postpone my other plans and come around 11.
I really wanna come but I don't know when I'll be able to get there :( :( :( How late are you running?
Oh, well sounds like its probably an issue with your iPhone then... :/
Womp womp, guess I'm sticking to my JHA mic cable...
Is that an Arete with a mic? If so, am interested...
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