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Hope everyone in Denver is coming to CanJam today ^_^
Looking like Explorer will probably drop in January. It's a hell of a season for manufacturing, as I'm sure you can imagine -___-;
Alright so who's coming to RMAF?!
 Yeah! We'll be at Fujiya Avic next month, as well as E-Earphones' event in December ^_^
Nope. We added the SD slot (one of my top priorities on joining the company, which you'll see if you read back in the thread), and are in no way financially tied to TIDAL.If that was the goal, and we had that kind of backing, we would've just passed on the SD and added a wireless radio - would've made a lot more sense, no?
Any German Head-Fiers should totally come check us out at IFA - show ends on Wedneday!
Woooo PCMag covered us! mobile.pcmag.com/news/59627-tidals-ipod-hands-on-with-echoboxs-flask-shaped-explorer-x1?origref=https:%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
Yeah the walnut is very sophisticated. Personally my favorites are mahogany and cherry. Unfortunately due to cost issues, we may be forced to pare down to 2 options. Our funding is running low due to the long R&D process :\ We may even be forced to do Kickstarter...we want it to be perfect but damn is it taking longer than we ever thought...mobile devices are tricky as hell x_x
So glad more people got a chance to hear the Ether - it easily plays in the same ballpark as my other TOTL favorites - HD800, LCD-X/XC, and T1.
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