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Fingers crossed!Tell your mailman to get his **** together 😆
I promise that the lack of custom engraving on the back will not affect the quality of your product - every one of our players is internally identical.
 We did make extras to have spare PCBs, and it's very easy to switch the PCB into any of our backers' custom engraved frames. Everyone should be getting a full production-quality Explorer 
Now there's an idea...  
Unfortunately I don't think anyone will have them by first week of August. We are not announcing any other solid deadlines publicly to avoid having to let anyone down again, but right now, we are scheduled to take delivery of our boxes on the 27th, and the assembly line has Explorers ready and waiting, so if everything goes smoothly, orders should ship out on the 28th.
 That's actually exactly the case - the first available full-quality production units are going straight to our backers after QC. We deliberately arranged our Indiegogo production run before our first full mass production run; the 200 pieces we needed for our Indiegogo backers and samples for our partners and reviewers was a small order, so we were able to get in earlier.
 You should; it's the truth! Our website even still says 3700... Unfortunately the factories that print these things have deadlines and very tight production schedules; when something changes, they have to start the whole run over, and given their schedules, it means if we change something once production has started, we have to get bumped back, or else whoever was next in line would be delayed, too. It's a bummer, but such is life...
We bypass Android's fixed sample rate feature - all audio output routes as-is to our discreet DAC+amp unit
No, mostly its an issue of GMS only being supported on the 2 most recent versions of Android, and us needing to get our product out to the people waiting on it
Right on! I think you're gonna be really happy when you finally have it ^_^ Right now we don't have GMS certification; access to the play store costs quite a bit of money, and our version of Android isn't compatible with the current Play Store, but we are looking into feasibility of updating the Explorer with a newer version and Play Store access once sales start coming in :)
New Posts  All Forums: