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 We haven't received the packaging from the box factory yet, unfortunately, but we are busy doing our final QC and testing your units right now :)
Totally understandable, of course! We got in this game to try and make the hobby more affordable, so rest assured I do understand For the record, TIDAL can be used on multiple devices using the same account, (I don't know that there is a device limit at all, actually) and up to 3 devices can be authorized to store music offline.
Kelly Clarkson 
Not to sound elitist, but...do you listen to Spotify using the customs in your avatar?   It's a bummer your trial expired :( I can say, having a subscription myself, it's definitely worth it the extra $10 a month for the hifi version, if you decide to upgrade :)
Of course; I was being jocular, apologies if it came across as rude.
Fingers crossed!Tell your mailman to get his **** together 😆
I promise that the lack of custom engraving on the back will not affect the quality of your product - every one of our players is internally identical.
 We did make extras to have spare PCBs, and it's very easy to switch the PCB into any of our backers' custom engraved frames. Everyone should be getting a full production-quality Explorer 
Now there's an idea...  
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