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Rage Agains the Machine
Speaking of psytrance, I still listen to Cosma sometimes: https://tidal.com/track/5309819
Oh not at all dude, I'm just a really opinionated person 😅 They also happen to be one of my favorite bands. I totally understand seeing it as "poppy" on first impression; I didn't really even particularly enjoy Saeed until I saw it performed live by their full live band with a drummer and 2 guitarists with Erez on keys/synth and Duvdev singing and jumping around like a maniac on a stage full of crazy giant mushroom figures and awesome graphics. Their shows with a full band...
 We've definitely heard the feedback, and while we really like the v-shaped sound and the overall vibe of the Finder's sound, I do want to explore options for getting a smoother sound out of PEEK. We're already working on two new models - one more affordable, one a step up with some exciting new features...
 Now I wanna watch Training Day...
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