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$199 :)   Did anyone out there get one of our samples from the SF meet?
 Yeah, and it helps with impact resistance too, which is huge for mobile devices, and wont stretch nearly as much as leather. Very cool idea.
 Carbon fiber might be a bit much now, but...oooo...Kevlar...I can see there being a real place for that. Thanks for the tip!!
 If it was my call alone, I'd at least do a variant with full-sized SD. Unfortunately I'm not an engineer, so it's hard to make my case without proof that it's really in demand. Out of curiosity, why didn't you try the poll? I still have time to make the case for full-sized on the next iteration, which might take a while, but it's still a very real possibility.
 I've always thought about doing rubber coating or offering some kind of case for the metal caps, just to improve durability, but I really like how the aluminum looks with wood...rubber on the body wouldn't be hard to do. I feel like it might be a bit boring though... And yeah, re: the G4, we don't want to do anything that feels cheap, in any way.  
Just be careful about using the T90 for mixing, at least as long as you've got the stock pads on. They will make a great reference for a brighter sound, and will show up stuff like sibilance and harshness when it's there so you can eliminate it when necessary, but if you're doing your final mix with the T90 as a neutral reference, you're going to wind up with a muffled-sounding track.
Do you know what DAC is in your X32? I'm pretty sure a performance-grade piece like that will have plenty of power for the T90, but I can't find anything on the DAC.   I'd guess the headphone out on your X32 might have a tiny bit of grain compared to a $1000+ audiophile rig, if only because the circuitry can't be *completely* discrete, given the hardware EQ, and it's just not a device that's designed to maximize the quality of headphone output, but as long as the DAC is...
 Well I can promise you it won't be on the first generation :(
Oh and as for the leather, idk if you missed my earlier post explaining the switch, but we nixed it because it was stretching on our demo units that were used daily. We could have gone with the faux-leather stuff, but we didn't want to cheap out, and as a new company we don't yet have the resources to do it the way the Moto X and G4 do their leather backings, not to mention that ours is the whole device and not just the back. It's not easy!!   Maybe next year; who knows...
 Well, if you want to talk shop... Apple does their design the way they do because they are catering to a specific market that is absolutely enormous. Their minimalist design allows them to appeal to a broader range of people, while still allowing room to make their product look hip and chique. It's the "popular" look. But not everyone was a popular kid in high school :P All metaphors aside, the real audio enthusiast market is a lot more specific than Apple's target...
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