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I tried the 660 a few times at an old hifi spot in Boston. Almost bought it on the spot. Great balance, I love my 770s but if I ever wanted a more neutral closed can, I'd buy the DT660 without thinking. It's what the senn HD280 wishes it was.
I'll come.   I probably won't bring much in the way of gear, I'm trying to sell most of it right now so not keen on risking injuries...I'll bring my TF10, Amperiors, SE215, and maybe my T90 if someone is bringing a rig.
News for others like myself who are on the fence about the Geek Out stuff: HRT has a new product on the way, supposedly in the same vein as this and the microstreamer, that packs a bit more of a punch power-wise...I love my microstreamer for IEMs and my DT770 32s, so personally I'm holding off until I see what they've got cooking...
Can't go into details but HRT allegedly has a new product on the way in the same vein as the microstreamer...  
 It's just two different ways of listening to music. I think both are better headphones, from an enjoyability standpoint, than the bass-light HD800s and old-school Stax and AKG stuff, and, if I'm honest, I prefer them both to the Audeze and Hifiman headphones I've heard, too, neither of which really impress me; sure the Audezes have bottomless bass, and are the closest headphones to sounding like speakers, but you need to spend thousands on source components to make them...
TF10 are my personal favorites. SE215 is great for the money if you like a bit of extra bass. Super durable. GR07 is more detailed than TF10, less bass, more mids, more neutral overall, smaller soundstage.
Mine did this when I first got them. I cleaned with IPA and a plastic toothpick gently, it continued a little but after a week of normal use it was gone completely.
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