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Yeah the walnut is very sophisticated. Personally my favorites are mahogany and cherry. Unfortunately due to cost issues, we may be forced to pare down to 2 options. Our funding is running low due to the long R&D process :\ We may even be forced to do Kickstarter...we want it to be perfect but damn is it taking longer than we ever thought...mobile devices are tricky as hell x_x
So glad more people got a chance to hear the Ether - it easily plays in the same ballpark as my other TOTL favorites - HD800, LCD-X/XC, and T1.
 Here here!
Anyone out there who got a chance to visit our booth? I know I saw Q Mass ^_^ Would love to hear feedback from anyone who dropped by!
 Awesome! So glad that you're happy with them!! Being a substitute for LCDs is truly an honor.  
 No, but I did remove something similar which should be fairly obvious after reading this post which I'm not going to elaborate on due to potential warranty issues and my status as a sponsor  Gotta say though...I heard T90 drivers transplanted into a T70 body today at CanJam Europe which made me realize that even with the afore-un-mentioned mod and angled velours, I'm still missing out on a bit of treble considering what the T90 drivers are capable of. So I may very well...
UK will actually be one of our first markets, if not the first! I can't promise a launch date until we've worked out the last couple kinks with the UI and mass production is in full swing, but the way things are looking right now, I'm guessing October/November.
 I'd say they make it noticeably better o.o I was getting pretty weak bass with the stock foam pads, and the sound is decidedly v-shaped with the angled velours.
 UE did it at CanJam SoCal; fingers crossed they'll do it again!
 I haven't used the 3.5 unit extensively yet, but the battery is the same size. It won't affect the standby or screen-off playback battery life, which should be the most important figure for a DAP. I imagine screen-on time will be affected somewhat, but not substantially.
New Posts  All Forums: