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 *shrug* I tend to assume that people assume this stuff when I say it's an Android device, but that's probably my fault...been working with smartphones for too long I guess! :P
 Well, the Explorer is running 4.2, and Pebble is designed for compatibility from 4.1 and up, so...
Man, I have to hear the Momentum 2s if they're that much better than the originals.
 I reviewed the Music Streamer HD a while back - it's a damn nice DAC, a substantial step above the uS, and runs about $375 on Amazon.
 Are you using it as a dac/amp combo or just dac?
 This is what happens when the veil is lifted...
 I have an idea - how about you compare the best metal-housed earphones on the market! ;-)
 *shrug* I always like to test stuff before I buy it, but I suppose the S1+ aren't crazy expensive. Hardly a risky buy, unless you're a basshead.
 I'd suggest going to a CanJam/meet and giving them a listen; you wouldn't regret it.
 Haven't heard the MkII, I confess. But I can't imagine the S1 being a compromise vs anything bluetooth, personally.
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