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Interesting, you found the T90 to have more bass than the T1?
Hiya T90 and DT770 are two very different cans...T90 has way tighter bass, it doesn't have the extra body of the 770, also the mids are less recessed on the T90 and the sound is much more open; 770s are like being alone in a small auditorium, T90s sound like a mid-sized outdoor venue in comparison. The DT770 has noticeably less upper mid emphasis. T90 is technically superior in every way, but it's definitely a brighter sound and more monitor-like, while also actually...
 Really? I have T90 and HD650 and I find that they make excellent compliments to one another - the 650 is warm and smooth, and the T90 is edgy and exciting; one for when I want to really get into the music, and the other for when I want to just relax and enjoy.
Disclaimer: I haven't compared side by side, but having heard both extensively, I'd say the Shures are a hair warmer, with IMO a bit less extension on both ends and more midrange presence, especially lower mids; even the 660s stay true to Beyer's overall v-shaped house sound. Soundstage is bigger on the 660s, but imaging is more precise on the 940s, as would be expected from their relative sound signatures.
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