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True.Now I can sleep tonight.
M50s have plenty of bass, IMO; I'd say subjectively its more than the DT770s. Definitely not as tight. If you like the HD700s but want portables, I'd say look at the T51p or DT1350. DT770 32 ohms sound decent out of my 5S, but true portables do better IMO. T51p is solid from an iPhone headphone jack; I'd try to give them a listen if you really want to stick with your iPhone. DT770s, even the 32, need just a little more power to really shine, and they isolate decently,...
Just an FYI Shures have a very, very different sound from M50s, actually the opposite in ways - mid-forward rather than v-shaped, definitely less bass. I love a few of their cans, but they sound very, very different from the M50s. DT770s are closer in general sound sig. If you want to go open, I think the Hifiman HE400i or HE560, depending on budget, are a natural upgrade path from the M50s, but you'll likely need to upgrade your amp/source. If you don't want to upgrade...
I'd say Fostex stuff for a really big updrade; if you don't want to go that far then the DT770 is a fun, versatile can.
AFAIK, the only known bugs with this guy are with Windows machines and are fixable by update.
Earsonics stuff shares the overall signature/tonal balance.
Patents are a messy situation. I'd say that if Jerry was really anticompetitive, he probably would have patented any number of his numerous innovations prior to FP.At the end of the day, he is innovating and pushing the industry forward, which ultimately benefits everyone, regardless of however JH benefits in the process.
Good to hear.So stoked to hear as closer ear's take...hearing them at CES was good and all but your ears are mine for now!
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