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T90 woooooooo!!
I also find DDs to be adaptive; the GR07 can sound awesome with literally anything, but even though my FA-4E XB and SM3 are more detailed and do a lot of things better than GR07, sometimes they just sound wrong.
Good music sounds good woooooo!!!!   I wanna try this thing. Hope they are at the upcoming LA meet...
Metallica makes me cringe regardless of cans     But Rush on the T90s...*drool*
The FA4 has different trble than the TF10. They are similar in that they both have a mildly u-shaped signature, but the FA4 is less colored/more neutral and has less midbass, with treble emphasis coming in lower than the TF10. This makes it sound a bit more "etched" and highlights detail, but it isn't as "shiny" sounding as the TF10, and its midrange is more neutral IMO. I actually prefer the TF10 by a hair, personally, I think it has absolutely ideal bass quantity and I...
Link for this cable?I'm having good results with the Westone ADV mic cable, but I had to trim some rubber from the connectors to make it fit.
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