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Has anyone heard anything from LH with regards to progress on the Windows bug and/or a timelime fot releasing a fix? I really want a GO but I don't feel safe buying one yet; if this is a software thing that can be patched with drivers, and they will definitely have a fix in, say, a month or so, I will go ahead and buy, but if they are releasing a whole new unit or don't have a timeline for the fix, I'm gonna send my uS in for repairs...
It will give you enough volume, but they will probably only be at about 60-70% of their real potential in terms of soundstage, separation, and tightness.What's your source?.
Still loving my says a lot to me that they can sound awesome straight out of my microstreamer. I was convinced I'd never buy another Beyer product after I felt so scammed when the "new 32 ohm" halved the price I paid for the "Limited Edition," but for this...I forgive themĀ 
Can't wait til I get my JH13s sold, gonna jump on these badboys immediately...
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