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 This is totally opposite my experience with the 660s - the pairs I've tried have felt well-built and looked great. Where is it they had so many bad reviews? They have only 4 and 5 star reviews here on head-fi...
660s are an awesome closed headphone. Anything under $100 is an absolute steal. I think it's one of the best closed headphones for a balanced signature under $500.
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I can't give my explicit impressions of our product, per MoT rules, but I can say that our goal when designing the Explorer was to make it sound as close as possible to vinyl - detailed, dynamic, and authentic; we did not design it to be colored. In my experience, it's usually best to have a source that's as neutral as possible, and to pick the headphones that are closest to your desired sound signature :)
 Still putting the final touches on the new architecture. I'll let you guys know when we're getting close :)
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