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 :) It's pretty awesome what a good seal will do for them.
Gotcha. Shoot an email to team@eboxaudio.com and we'll make sure you get your foams :)
Quick update (especially for @San Man and @pfloyd ) -    We ran out of Comply at our shipping facility; we're working on getting more, but in the meantime, some of our boxes are shipping with Comply, and others without.   If you receive a box without Comply, just shoot a message to team@eboxaudio.com and we will make sure you get your foams ASAHP ^_^
White tips? Can you give us a picture?
Thanks dude! :) You should snap a photo and post in our new thread on facebook too ^_^
@HiFiChris Like a true jerk, I only just got around to posting your photos on facebook.   I couldn't use the "dope" one because, well, reasons, and there was some internal debate about whether Meowth was cool enough to be our mascot for a post  but I posted the razor and the amp, and linked to your post so people can see the others if they want :)
TThanks Chris, means a lot to hear you say that We've been amazed with this campaign, both by how complex and delicate the whole process of designing, building, and mass producing a smart device really is, but also how patient and optimistic people have been, especially after so many crowdfunding campaigns have gone sour in the past. I actually advised our CEO against pursuing crowdfunding initially, both due to its reputation in audio and to avoid the scenario we are...
#startuplifeThe laser engraving has been a challenge, to be honest. We are doing our best to make sure everyone's engraving comes out the way they are expecting it!
Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'll ask Sam if he talked to any HFers, see if we can get some impressions
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