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Why don't you upgrade your IEM's instead of wasting more money on source? Speakers offer more of a sound quality improvement or change than an AMP or DAC. If you're happy with the SE535, then so be it...
The Objective 2 amplifier will drive the AKG K701's just fine. 
No, it's just the low output impedance.
Get the JDS Labs Objective 2 amplifier. Hiss problem = solved. If the source feeding the line out to the Objective 2 has audible levels of distortion, than you'll still hear hissing through the O2. The O2, in itself, has ZERO hiss.
There's one thing I hate about the ES5. And that is, it makes it hard to listen to lower-end headphones or IEM's. 
The O2/iPod Touch combo made me sell off my HM-801.
The HRT Streamer is great option or you can wait 'till the end of this month for the ODAC.
Hey, if you want to lose your hearing, that's fine. 
Okay, but if you're going to be using the ES9018 DAC for music listening, I don't see the point in wasting so much money on specs that will never be fully utilized. It's like buying a Bugatti Veyron for driving to the supermarket. It's pointless. People are so caught up on having the most "technically" advanced DAC when they have little clue that they'll never take full use of it.
Are those higher specs even necessary for an audibly transparent musical playback? No. The ES9023 can be audibly transparent if properly implemented, like in the ODAC.
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