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If I were you, I'll find another working CD10 to confirm whether it's a laser issue by exchanging their lasers. The model of the laser is CDM2-P. You can also get a working CDM-2/10 to test the motherboard.Ordinary the motherboard doesn't have too many issues but spindle motor drive circuit has frequent issues which will cause audio issue but it will read TOC and time. We can do nothing but guessing before inspecting it.
Are you sure you replaced exactly same voltage and capacity caps with the original caps? None reverse polar by mistake? Did you throughly clean the PCB? Did you check the red laser beam from optical head? If no laser, pls check whether anything wrong with the flexible cable. If you couldn't handle it but want bring it back to life, just let me know. Thx!
Thank you Chadbang! It's really not difficult. If you can spend some time on it, you can do it as well as I did. For any questions regarding vintage portable CD players, pls contact me by yixingu76201@gmail.com
Digital output are available on SONY D555, D303, Kenwood dpc92 and Denon dcp150.
Most likely it's caused by mechanical parts. Disassemble it and check it, a well lubrication on gears will help. Otherwise send it to me, it'll come back to life again for sure.
Yes, battery solutions are available here in Denton TX. Both bp2ex and bp100/200 can be repaired. For detail, pls contact me by yixingu76201@gmail.com
If you accidentally used a wrong power adapter, its CPU broken. Otherwise full screen on can be caused by a reset failure. Both issues can be handled here in Denton TX.
All SMT caps need to be replaced, not only three. Also the leaking areas should be cleaned one by one. 80% D211 can e repaired by these steps, 20% need further circuit repair.
Yes, try to replace all aging SMD capacitors and test again. If it still doesn't work, you need a circuit inspection.
It seems you like the Denon 50/150, right? I think the D555 has improvement space for its earphone amplifier. The original earphone amplifier is CXA1623 which has 9mw*2 output. The output power is too small comparing to D50/100 especially when you turn on Bass or increase volume, so it's insufficient to drive power-hungry earphones like HD600. The Denon 50/150 has more than 20mW*2 output, did you feel it's much easier to drive big earphones? How about designing a...
New Posts  All Forums: