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Yes, battery solutions are available here in Denton TX. Both bp2ex and bp100/200 can be repaired. For detail, pls contact me by yixingu76201@gmail.com
If you accidentally used a wrong power adapter, its CPU broken. Otherwise full screen on can be caused by a reset failure. Both issues can be handled here in Denton TX.
All SMT caps need to be replaced, not only three. Also the leaking areas should be cleaned one by one. 80% D211 can e repaired by these steps, 20% need further circuit repair.
Yes, try to replace all aging SMD capacitors and test again. If it still doesn't work, you need a circuit inspection.
It seems you like the Denon 50/150, right? I think the D555 has improvement space for its earphone amplifier. The original earphone amplifier is CXA1623 which has 9mw*2 output. The output power is too small comparing to D50/100 especially when you turn on Bass or increase volume, so it's insufficient to drive power-hungry earphones like HD600. The Denon 50/150 has more than 20mW*2 output, did you feel it's much easier to drive big earphones? How about designing a...
Yep! You got excellent idea! Thank you sooooooo much!
pls visit www.kaosuncd.com for more information!
pls visit www.kaosuncd.com for more information!
You'd better never modify these VRs since you lack of enough experience to improve them. As you mentioned the CDR worse, I believe you need a oscilloscope to precisely adjust the 5-parameter. Or you can increase the laser a little bit until the reading noise gone.
I guess it's a simple mechanical lubrication issue. Disassemble it and add some grease on the mechanical moving parts to see whether everything goes fine?
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