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Sorry I'm just back here. My qq is 26865005. Your file has been sent.
Use a stick hold the door switch and press play. If the reading problem still exists, you can send it here for further inspection.
Maybe something wrong with the laser? Get one same laser for replacement.
Saw it before. It has nice bass! Cannot recall its DAC, sorry about that!
SONY D5,,Sure, I can try.   Contact me by
If the laser dies, it ends. I've never seen the laser for retail. The model maybe KSS365? If you'll open it, be sure you won't ruin the flexible carbon.
For 555, the most popular problem is low earphone output. For not reading any discs, a normal inspection is needed to confirm what should be replaced. The worst is laser broken. If you can find a KSS220 laser, just replace it. If you open it, be sure not touch the aged gears, they'll break into pieces. It'll be expensive.
Yep, it's time for you to replace its the spindle motor. Model: Rf410 made by Mabuchi.
Yes, Citizen serial cd players are not easy to handle. If you do need service, pls let me know.
Have you noticed that when you play a disc with batteries, the optical out never red?   As far as I know, the PCDP will open its optical out only when it's powered by external power supply.   Check such conditions at first, otherwise it gets problems.
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