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Am I good?
Kss330/331 were quite popular during 90's in D335, D828, D211, Aiwa xp6/7/66/77, Casio and so on. It's good they're still available for vintage players. For your D211, all aged caps should replaced at first even if they're good. Then lubricate all mechanical parts, you're almost done.
Contact me for RF401 replacement. Hundreds have been successfully repaired.   
1: Clean lense and check whether SMD caps are aged? If so, replace them. 2: Recalibrate the 5 reading parameters: TB, FB, TG, FG and PLL 3: Increase the laser power or replace the laser. 
It's not easy to find an original DAX01/11 used in D777. Try to clean your lense, if it doesn't work, you can increase a little bit laser power of the optical head.
If you can replace all SMD capacitors around CXA1271, your problem ends.  If you can replace all SMD capacitors on the motherboard, you'll have surprise!   Contact me for any further questions. yixingu76201@gmail.com
Yep, I'm afraid you'll have to have all DIP capacitors replaced, and if it doesn't work replace a laser for a try.   Good luck! 
The laser in the AZ6808/19/28 are same which is called RCD3. It almost impossible to get a spare part from market but I can recondition the laser for you. Furthermore, you don't need to find a same laser from CDF100 or AppleCD because they're using CDM4. The laser after replacing the laser diode will come back to life again just like brand new. Contact me if you need a help.   yixingu76201@@gmail.com
I'm glad you're still in using vintage CD players! Your reading issue might caused by the clips. Traditional clips of Panasonic is designed like a button, you press the button, the clips will release the disc. So we can disassemble it so see if it can be repaired. Otherwise it shall be replaced. You can inspect it at first, if need nay assistance, pls let me know. yixingu76201@gmail.com 
You can hardly find any spare parts for AZ6808/6826/6819/6829. Fortunately, any issues related with them like laser or motor problems can be repaired here. Contact me if you have any concerns!
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