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 SBX doesn't have OpenAL and Eax games support?Oh damn :( Oh well, guess I'll stay with the Titanium (It's the Non HD version by the way)
Is SBX pro an upgrade compared to CMSS-3D? I still have an old X-Fi Titanium that I'm feeding through line out to my O2 Amplifier (And then to my Headphones)   Is it worth the money to upgrade?
Small question:   I have a X-Fi Titanium, and as such, I use the Creatives OpenAL driver. Should I use the Rapture3D or OpenAL Soft implementation? Even if I lose hardware acceleration? It seems everyone says the HTRF is better in those implementations than Creative's
Yeah it seems I'll have to take the bite for other audio applications though. Automode switcher is also buggy as hell. Also, shouldn't WASAPI send audio directly to the DAC bypassing CMSS-3D? Right now, it seems it's going through the HTFR filters, even with WASAPI (Foobar in this case)
Hey guys I have a question:   If CMSS-3D is set to Headphones + 7.1 sources (in Windows) and I play a stereo source, does it get any type of processing ? I ask this because whenever I hear music, swapping configs is bothersome. For example, for audio the best setting is Audio Creation Mode + 2/2.1 sources, which is Left/Right. 7.1 also has Left/Right, shouldn't CMSS-3D with a stereo source just send me the signal to the Left/Right channel?   Or should I attempt...
  Got it. I've been investingating, and it seems Source games use OpenAL only on the MacOSX and Linux implementations. For Windows they use MILES. It seems the only way to get great Surround for headphones is to use the 7.1/7.1 -> CMSS 3D method right?
I've been reading the thread but I couldn't reach a conclusion: My PC350 is modded, and I need new ear pads since mine are falling apart already. I didn't understand if I should get the HD595 pads (Which are more open) or the PCX450 pads (Which are more closed)   Is it true that the open nature of the HD595 pads will make me lose bass I've gained with hero's mod? Should I stay with the PCX450 ones which are closed and noise isolating? How are they compared...
    Is the Audioengine D1 DACs one of the best at that price point? Also, if I link the Soundcard and the DAC through Optical, I'm basically skipping the DAC and the amplifier, everything else works the same (CMSS3D, Bit-perfect playback, etc etc)   I really might take the bite along with some new Ear pads for my PC350 (The old ones are falling apart, and I'm losing bass since they are progressively getting more "open" )
  I have the Titanium (Non HD) I have thought about getting an external DAC (for controling sound with a knob and to drive the headphones better), but I was always a bit reluctant due the two jacks my headphones have. It would stay a messy build. 
Hello there! My setup is as follows:   Senheiser PC350 X-Fi Titanium  Windows 8 (24-bit 96 kHz option)   I understand that the best option for music is to select Audio-Creation mode and bit-matched playback. I understood as well the whole aspect of setting the windows source as 7.1, activating CMSS-3D in Gaming mode with the Headphones option activated, for the best positional sound possible. The thing is, I really think games don't sound correctly...
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