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Heard them (iSine 10 and 20) at CanJam NY-hard to listen to stuff in noisy environment, but I was impressed, been thinking of going for them since...
Haven't had the pausing issue. Do have tagging issues, though, have to retag lots of stuff. Doesn't seem to play well with JRiver either, do best just drag/drop folders (then JRiver doesn't recognize them at all). Anyone compare the built in music app with Poweramp and/or Neutron, or others, for that matter? I have Neutron and Poweramp downloaded on it, don't behave as well as the internal app in terms of finding all the music on the player. Think they sound better, but...
Ah, I have acs's Encore (sure it doesn't rate with the contenders here), got confused, thanks @seamon!
Getting lost here-which Encore is that?
Haven't had a chance to go back through the 7,000 posts here, but has anyone listened to the Pioneer xdp-300R? (same almost as the Onkyo DP-X1)? Recently got one, sounds pretty good to me ( but don't have the high priced spread to compare it to).
very nicely done, Nic!
Getting sadder and sadder I can't get to this meet That's my birthday weekend yet... Oh well.
Went for the On2 (had On1 for a long while, broke, been waiting for a deal).
I didn't doubt you-there's a reason my Encores are collecting dust as well. Agree on the highs, mine are bad there as well. Wonder if there is a lot of unit to unit variability in these. They are made individually to order, to fit a mold and all.
That's quite a comment, VE Monks over the Encores...
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