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It also pays to remember that what jazz players used for material in the 30's,40's, 50's, was, to a large extent, the popular music of the time (even many original tunes were built on changes of pop tunes and show tunes). To a large extent, that music is no longer "popular "; it makes sense for musicians to incorporate what they grew up with and know.
Definitely 2 classics, and a great post after Trane's birthday (yesterday).
Agree the beta program wasn't really much of a beta program...it was fairly short, didn't see how they could possibly make major changes in the time they had. They did make a change in the length of the headband, for comfort and fit. Guess it was a beta for v2...
I'd consider it more of a lottery than an upgrade program. It's a nice offer, though.
Leasing is its own animal...you're basically renting with the option to buy (which few do). You have restrictions on how many miles you're allowed to drive, have to return it in perfect condition. If you know of any TOTL leasing programs, let us in on them.
I'm as bummed out that they're is a V2, and my HEK is "obsolete". But it is not reasonable to expect Hifiman (or any manufacturer) to never upgrade or provide upgrades for owners of earlier models (there are a few that do, but that is exemplary service and above and beyond). No one expects Toyota to upgrade their Camry when a new, improved model is introduced...
Hey, that would be interesting, see which headphones let you image and follow the arc of the ball the best!!!
Don't have the N5, but I do have the C5 portable amp, which I believe is the amp used in the N5, and I'm not really impressed with the sound quality out of it as well. It ain't no Pono!
I've been told by @drbluenewmexico that the 400i lacks the bit of sharpness in the high end of the 560, is smoother (though I have found improved amping ameliorates the rough highs some).
Thanks, @jdog, hey, haven't found being impatient, carrying on, has helped here...besides, as I've posted before, the longer it takes to get my stuff, the more time I have to figure out what to tell the little lady
New Posts  All Forums: