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I had thought we were close, guess I was wrong.
Me too!
I'd say the HEK is then a real BARGAIN!!!
Agreed, @chowmein83, nice impressions. Tyll has his taste, which is just that, not the gospel.
Boy, if Tyll wanted to get this thread hopping, he picked the way to do it! Reviews, even with measurements, comparisons, etc, are, in the end, subjective.
Which begs the question, is there a difference between the 7 filters available?
Love Giuffre...and Jim Hall was part of his bands, great stuff!
True, BUT I already have a lot of music on a hard drive in a different room of the house. I'm sure any new music will go to the Source. Then, there's purchasing digital files, which I do on my PC, in a different room and floor than the main stereo.
New Posts  All Forums: