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I have an HTC 10, uses usb c. Bought some cables that I think are OTC (not sure), haven't tried them yet. A cable recommendation would be great! Thanks.
I'm a playoff baseball fan, would definitely root NY teams if they were in, but, lacking that, the Cubs story/mythology is compelling this time around. I AM a rabid Jets fan (talk about suffering fans), and almost as rabid a Knicks fan (another exercise in futility), so I can relate.
Go Cubs!
I'd be curious as well...recently have gotten an HTC 10 phone, and have been enjoying pairing it via Bluetooth with my Peachtree DeepBlue2, makes a nice sound streaming music (haven't done A-B stuff). I'm currently taken with the W40, out of Pono balanced with Trinity cable and Star Fit tips (I think that's what they are, their version of foamies...). Sounding great!
I haven't heard the Elise, but my impression of the LC is that it does that euphonic tube sound without tubes...
Really like my HEK with a Norne Zoetic cable, didn't know about the Eternus at the time. Now really curious what the silver cable would have done (but am quite happy with it as is...).
http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/69139 Great radio streaming now, WFMU.org. Steven Bernstein guest hosting Bob Brainen's show, 9-1 Eastern time (shows are archived for later listening). Great so far!
Show was great (not inexpensive, but the did was fine, ambience coop, music great)! Ben Allison's album based on Jimmy Giuffre/Jim Hall drumless trio music just released, bought a copy (vinyl, no less) at the club.
I don't get it either...the food at these places in Jersey is good, but not anything not available elsewhere. You can go to a better restaurant, not have to shout over the musicians, and probably have a better time. Makes me absolutely crazy! (I've said things to people at these places at times, though I usually just stew and don't enjoy myself).
Cool, I checked it out, seems to be Summer Festivals there, all passed for this year, but I'll have to check it out next year. .One place I went to once, in Pa, is Deer Head Inn (went there after a long 3 day bike trip, really liked it, though, I have one complaint with jazz clubs everywhere that isn't Manhattan, and even sometimes in Manhattan, but not as much, and that is NO ONE STOPS TALKING!!!! Gets me crazy!). Shanghai Jazz and Trumpets in New Jersey suffer from the...
New Posts  All Forums: