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I like them both, but, when I reach for one to stick in my ears, I go for the Duoza. Ymmv, of course
Yeah, like it, but not as flexible as I'd like. When it was being offered on Massdrop, I noticed that it was Android compatible, and thought my DX90 would work, didn't read the fine print, just jumped in at the end of the drop (generally a bad idea to go on impulse, story of my life...). May wind up selling, have the Geek Out Special Edition, not even as flexible as the M8, but sounds a bit better...
Early on, in the first campaign, there was an option for a switch that gave either high gain for difficult cans, or low for iems. Is that no longer the case?
I've been involved in this (and the Source, and most everything they threw out) since the beginning. Maybe I missed one new perk announcement, maybe I read it and my incipient Alzheimer's is to blame,
and a nice birthday gift it will be!!!!
As usual, I'm lost, thought I had upgraded my wave to whatever the mostest upgrade is, don't even recall the carbon fiber stuff. I'll just leave it be, I guess. (not sure what the big difference sonically would be with CF, good for light strength, like bicycles, turntable tonearms/cartridges, doesn't seem the same requirements would be there for a DAP. Less ringing maybe? Less filling? Less calories?
I'd recommend (going a bit out on a limb here), the Audeo PFE's are really nice, were discontinued, are on sale with code AU50 for $40. Have optional filters to change sound, but need to be purchased separately. Haven't listened to mine for a while (got the 232, listen to those quite a bit, really nice), have ear guides (I believe, at least the higher models do), very light, comfortable, would seem to be very good for running or gym (I have a "sweat allergy", no gym,...
Thanks-does seem to go against what the original claim to fame of the M8 was...and now, there is a lower powered version, with more input options. Better to get that if you haven't already purchased an M8.
It must be somewhere on this large thread, but could someone educate me on this mod?Thanks
iBasso dx90 $339.99 @ Massdrop, not a bad price, nice dap (though I like my Pono better).
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