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Have you considered Shure 1540? I have both, don't sound the same, but both just as good quality wise imo. Shure more detailed, FAD more rich. Love them both, Shure more often offered at discount or used, hardly ever see FAD offered. My $0.02.
My experience with eBay is similar, prices tend to be high on Japan imports. The used items are frequently how I go to save money, no warranty of course, but, as noted above, not sure if you have much protection when you buy with these services. The main thing you get is a new item rather than one someone is getting rid of (haven't had problems yet though buying through the for sale forum here)
I haven't used them for the Pandoras, but have used them for other headphone orders, haven't had any problems using them, much easier to use than others that are popular,like Tenso imo.
Mind listing exactly what gear is what? Thanks.
I found the biggest improvement I made in these was playing them through a good amp. I got the attenuator cable (UE900), plugged it into my Ray Samuels HR-2, line in from iBasso DX90, sounded fabulous imo. Hadn't liked them as much before...I could hear what the fuss was about, but sounded a bit "too rich" (used to be you couldn't be too...), sliightly thick, some detail got obscured. The above set up cleaned it up, still great bass and instrumental tone, took it up to the...
Ahhhh, but since I don't, could you enlighten this ignorant fellow?
Had no trouble with the Fiio cable, fit easily, but didn't find the sonic changes entirely to my liking. Burning it in now, see if it changes (seems to add a "tizziness", takes out some richness, to my ears.)
I'm coming into this late, haven;t even updated the DX90's stock software, like it very much as it is. UI also fairly easy to navigate (Kills my X3 and my old Studio V Anniversary, which was hateful to use). Sound is really fine to my ears. Wondering what the benefits of Rockboxing are here (I understand doing it on iStuff)? Sound? Thanks.
I posted here on this quite a while ago, W4 and W40 do not sound the same. Back when I did, I got flack as the accepted wisdom was that it was only a cosmetic change (I also write for the audiophile voice, did the comparison. It's a print magazine, don't think it has run yet). Much prefer the W40 (and I like the W4), more open. Detail, bass, only thing dirt if a negative is that it has a much closer sitting in row 2 rather than row10.
Interesting, have theGO 1K and the iBasso, but because of the way they work, have tended to use the iBasso with my iem's and while out and about, the GO at my desktop with over the ear headphones so haven't directly compared them. Haven't noticed the noise issue with Senn 650 Shure 1540, FAD Love VI, but likely more difficult to drive than the iems (though I do find the JVC 850 benefits from a good amp).
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