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Bob James as a bebopper, cool!
Still waiting on a Vi tube dac, Wave. And Source...wouldn't crowdfund again either, though I had a good experience with the Pono and Peachtree Deepblue2 (and even with the Geek Out Special Edition). I think crowdfunding differs from crowd designing. The former is a finished product waiting for financing, then manufacture. Crowd design (at least as done by LH labs) is much more difficult, slow, and has more potential for problems. My $0.02
Might have to buy that LP...
Where do you folks hear about this stuff!? Sounds pretty cool, actually.
I've heard this combo at Stereo Exchange, NYC, really nice sounding!
Much less expensive, but I like my MicroZOTL2 (see my title...)
It is a small flash, but noticeable, and it seems to play well afterwards. I did swap the tube, but would replace it if it's safe.
OK, a tone question from a tube ignoramus. My NOS Siemans 12AT7 flashed (one of them) when I turn on the ZOTL. I assume it means the tube is about to die, I changed it. Am I correct? It does still work.
I'd say getting good jazz on her phone is quite a victory for the team!!!!
And, the cheapest (new) price comes out to $507 at the conversion to dollars (right now). (still about a savings of $100)
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