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Thanks, any impressions on the 4 versus the 6?
Any link to purchase? The code is in the sig, I'll check that out...
Great story, thanks. (Of course, now I feel awful for not going for the Gold... )
OK, that answers that...reading the review, you'd think it was the best thing EVER! Not that big an investment, but I think I'll pass...thanks for the feedback.
http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0616/Bereran_KZ_ATE_IEM_Review.htm Interesting review...anyone heard them?
I'm not sure how good sounding those bone conducting headphones will be. I agree about needing to hear while biking, I like to listen to music as well, but feel it isn't safe to block out the sonic environment. My choices for biking headphones have been: Koss PortaPro (a bit fiddly to get under a helmet, but doable because of the thin band), Philips Fidelio S2 (open, let sound in), and VE Zen or Zen v2 (an earbud, let in sound by definition. Have to be comfortable with the...
OK, but upgrades that improve the sound are of interest...
Will this be off much benefit if you only use ZOTL as a headphone amp?
Haven't had much in terms of dealing with most of these manufacturers (didn't have a problem with most). Had some dealings with VE (stuff that was my fault), dealing with them was exemplary. Just wanted to say. Had dealings with 1 other that wasn't so good...lost a bit of money.
What's wrong with "outhouse testing"? Do my best work...
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