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Have a tubed R2R DAC, Mojo Mystique, a bit more expensive than most are looking at... Love the sound of it, but it doesn't pay well with my Peachtree GrandPre, have to get it checked out.
Again, comfort is an individual thing, and I'm in love with the sound of the HEK, but I don't find them all that comfortable on my small, shiny head.
Have the 650, works well for me with Ray Samuels HR-2 and MicroZOTL2 (1 solid state, 1 tubes, though the ZOTL doesn't have classic tube sound). Again, listen to digital much mite than vinyl due to the convenience, and have fairly high end rig, but when I do listen to vinyl, still kills pretty good digital stuff I've used in SQ.
I'm in...
Yup, vinyl is definitely a pain in the kiester, expensive, inconvenient, no question about it. Recently refurbished my Linn, new suspension, new cartridge, new power supply, spent enough to get quite the DA converter. And I like convenience as much as the next guy do most of my listening to digital, mist of that portable (hence the Head Fi presence). But, I recently hooked my Linn/Pro-Ject tube Phono stage into a MicroZOTL2/HE-1000 with Norne Zoetic...
I actually find the 650 to be among my most comfortable headphones, though it doesn't get much listening time since I got the HE-1000 and other headphones. Do find I like them when I put them on, though.
Could be, my 17 year old daughter loves playing guitar, loves pop-punk, it's not mainstream, though, you are correct. (I've dragged her to music she has liked/tolerated/hated, but I think when she gets older it will be a reference point, Roots or Jazz won't sound like it's from outer space).
You know, I had one of the old Adcom players, and I never thought it was all that great sounding, rolled off stuff, lost detail (my reference was a Linn LP12 turntable, so maybe it isn't a fair comparison). I do have a more recent R2R, Mojo Mystique, which actually is very nice sounding, better than the DA built into my Peachtree Grandpre, but it costs more than $500...)
1+Really enjoy the shuffle, actually. I tend to read many music reviews, buy a lot of cds/lps/downloads, then not have the time to listen to them. It often happens on shuffle I hear something I own but didn't know and that I like, have a "hey!" moment. Works great on dogwalks, mowing lawn, stuff like that...
Thanks so much for that quick reply...with PICTURES, no less! My set up right now is, PC to Vaunix to Geek Out (sometimes line out to an amp), using JRIVER (actually the Pono version) as software.
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