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Overspent, overextended, have to pass as well.
True dat, but, as you said, if all you can listen to is your audiophile approved "Jazz at the Pawnshop", or similar drek, what's the point?
Poop, tempting, really like the Heaven V...
Something went wrong somewhere!
I'm not surprised you hear differences, as they are very revealing. The real question with cake changes is, sites it sound better or just different. You can change the sound signature without really improving it (trying to get a sense of how good the including cable is)
I'll be thinking of a balanced cable, either for a Pono, or, when it comes, the Liquid Carbon. Do you hear much improvement upgrading the cable?
Don't audition the HE-1000, heh heh heh...😁
I don't know about X5 V2 (or even 1st hand X5 V1), but many on the Pono thread like the Pono better than the X5, just sayin'
I think I'd go for it...the problem with the way they do it, they'll have 7 available, and offer them at 3AM Eastern time, so they'll be gone when I wake up. At least, judging from many other limited releases (but, to be fair, I did manage to get one of the GO V1 SE's).
I don't understand what it means to say, it's not laid back as long as I listen too loud. Wouldn't that be a good definition for laid back?
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