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Can take it any way you makes it look damn sexy, though 😎
I don't want to buy this, want to sleep with itπŸ˜†
It was 20 years ago today (really, yesterday, but didn't sound as good) My favorite genre, country-bossa nova!
Shenzhen, I'm afraid...should contact them and check on it, but I've had this previously where orders from China take forever.
I'm still waiting, must be about 3 weeks, guess New Jersey is harder to find.
I've tried both, both sound good, believe I mostly used 47, can try it again if I get some free time.
I have used HD650 with GO1k, sounds great!
Hmmmm, might have to give the CKR-10 a listen, last AT I got was the IM07, really like these.
Just found a pain of Sony tips for these, fit and sound are fabulous! Don't know about the dips, blips, but loving listening to these, do have many to compare them to, not finding anything missing.
They've actually been at that price for quite some time...they were supposed to be discontinued according to the posts here, but seems to have gotten a new lease on life at the lower price. I bought 2 at around this price, 1 I planned on modding, but never got around to it.
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