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Certainly you hear what you hear, can't argue with that. But I don't know how loud you listen...I've never gotten harsh sounds of of the HEK (the HE-560, is another story, does sound harsh to my ears). But, hey, it's cool, if you prefer the sound of the less expensive unit, that's great! (In the end it all boils down to personal preference).
I can pull out my LC at some point this weekend and direct compare, don't do well comparing by memory. But the LC, while good sounding for the price, is thick and confused sounding compared to the ZOTL (from memory). I think it editorialises...it's a bit like a hypersaturated photo, where the colors are more vibrant than life. This is an attractive coloration, and some may prefer it. The ZOTL is more neutral (but not boring, as some might take that term). Sounds great with...
That makes me nervous...I'm going to bring my ZOTL/HEK to the NY meet, but then I'll be nervous leaving it to audition other gear. Hmm....
Haven't heard either of your amps, see if I can find them at the meet and listen to them.
Sounds great, exchange a rack of gear for a rack of ribs. Though, I looked it up, isn't the BBQ party all weekend? But, if you have the pass, you can't pass it up. Have some baby backs for me!
We will see! Just to be crystal clear, the Linear Tube Audio amp you're talking about is the MicroZOTL 2.0, correct?[/quote] The very same, MicroZOTL 2, now using it with the upgraded LTA LPS, and a bit of tube rolling (which is really NOT my thing...). Currently evaluating it with a Mojo Audio Joule v5 LPS. But, used it with stock tubes and power supply for a long time, fine as is.
How you get to audition it, great pairing with HEK imo. I'm bringing mine too the NY meet most likely, which doesn't help you, of course. Hopefully you'll get to check it out.
Well, I have the HEK, got to compare the HEX at a meet, not for a minute did I feel if be willing to exchange them (and pocket some change). But that's me, meet conditions, yada yada yada...
HOW DID HERB GET MY AMP!!! I'm going to have words with him! (@willsw answered the question seconds before I posted...but I couldn't resist!)
True,Pono is not an external dap, doesn't stream, but it is my most used piece of gear (partly because it's so good, partly because it goes anywhere).
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