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Hi everyone!   It was a blast meeting you all!!!  I took some photos but they ended up being really blurry because I made some really dumb mistakes with my camera settings; my lens is also too slow.  Hah!  (A bunch of photos ended up being unusable. )    
Looks like I'll be in the area today!  I'll be there in a bit. :D
Hi everyone,   I'm interested in acquiring a Headamp GS-1.  Let me know if anyone is willing to to part with theirs. Link to my old-style feedback is in my signature.   Thanks!!
Hi everyone,   I'm somewhat looking into acquiring a Woo Audio 6.  Let me know if anyone is interested in parting with one. Link to my old-style feedback is in my signature.  Thanks!!
I just wanted to point out Vincent Kars' website The Well-Tempered Computer (  I think it's a fine introductory resource for computer audio.  You might be interested in his lists of equipment available on the market such as his list of USB DACs (  Best of luck with finding the best source for you!
I bought a MisterX Mini3 portable amplifier from Trent. Communication was clear, shipping was immediate, and packaging was flawless. Perfect transaction, thanks again!
Hi everyone! I've decided that if I'm going to sell the HE60, I'm going to have to sell the HEV70 with it as a package. So sorry about that. I'll be replying to PMs as soon as possible.
Hi everyone! I'm considering selling my Stax Lambda Pro Signature. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to let them go yet though. If I do, I'm thinking about $400 USD. If anyone is interested, please let me know via private message. Thanks so much! Best regards, Venio
Hi everyone, I'm considering selling my HE60 (original plug) and HEV70 in excellent condition. The HEV70 is 220V but can be easily used with a voltage converting transformer. Unfortunately I do not have the original boxes. Please send me a private message if you're interested. I can accept PayPal, Money Order, or Certified Check. Thanks! Best regards, Venio
Sold. Thanks again!
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