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My experience is there is no point in writing the customer service at AK. They don't bother responding...... You buy their really really expensive product and you take your chances.... dgcrane
I have a pretty significant problem with my AK120. it seemingly sets the volume to 75 at random times after startup. Has anyone else experienced this ? I have forgotten to check a few times and nearly blew my eardrums apart I have sent this to their support email... no response... which after reading about their less than stellar customer service, didn't surprise me. Darren dgcrane
1) Your Location(city and Country ) Ottawa, Canada 2) Your headphones Tralucent Ref1, Grado RS1e 3) Your music player AK120 4) The headphone amplifier you have used before or are using now Objective2, PICO slim 5) The type of music you prefer Acoustic, Folk, Classical 6) Would you post reviews both on Head-Fi forum and Facebook? Yes 7) Examples of reviews you’ve done in the past http://www.head-fi.org/products/rock-jaw-alfa-genus/reviews/11171 8) What kind of...
Hello, I have a pair of Ref1 with silver/gold cable that I received from Gavin on Feb 4 / 2015.   I paid additional to have the termination modified to be an Oyiade 1/8" right angle. I believe everything will be included as new. I have used one pair of tips which will be completely sanitized and included.   Price = $900 + shipping within North America and assumes you will pay in a method which I incur no additional charges.   Selling due to lifestyle...
I wasn't telling you... I was reiterating the point you made to snowlune.   dgcrane
 2 - Dont use Play-Doh... It will eventually dry out and crumble all over your drivers... I have had blue tak for years without problem. dgcrane
Idonesian rosewood i believe... They sold today
Hello,   For years I have had problems getting tips big enough to provide a proper seal. The largest size rubber eartips that come with the Sansa Sport Clip seem to be my salvation. If you have a pair of these tips and you are lucky enough to not have monster ear caverns, I would truly appreciate buying them off of you.   Thanks Darren
Hello,   I have created this pair of headphones a few months ago, but with my RS1e getting most of my love, these have been seldom used ( < 50 hours) Being a dumbazz, i broke one of the cups as shown in the photos (with pads on, the break is not obvious at all) I have used the strongest gorilla glue i could find and now believe that the joint would be stronger than the wood cups themselves. I have sanded them with a super fine grit and cups are now smooth and problem...
I can say that I have sent my Ref1s back at my cost over 2 months ago due to an extreme driver flex problem... They are supposed to be shipped back to me today, but no confirmation yet Darren dgcrane
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