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Hello, I have the following for sale. All are in EX+ condition with minimal use.   (SOLD) Westone 4R - These have been used by me and sound wonderful. I will include most of the tips that came with them and some extras that I purcased as backups. - ($300 shipped)   Sony MDR-7520 - These are beautiful sounding monitors and I believe the top of the sony line. I will include everything as new + a nice custom made mogami cable that I have used since I purchased them...
I am looking for the mentioned usb cable. Let me know if you have one to sell please :)   Darren
I have a like new Dragonfly 1.2 portable DAC with Dragontail for sale. All will come like new in box.   Shipping charge will be $10 and payment will be accepted via EMT or if you are local Ottawa, cash is cool too :)   Dragonfly is just over one month old and purchased new by me.   Darren
My thoughts on the Alfa Genus have been added here : dgcrane
I can confirm that I have received my package from Rock Jaw ALFA GENUS and ACERO. Listening to the ALFA GENUS right now at work and without getting into any details at this point, I can absolutely confirm that they are the SS that I enjoy very much with the silver filters on. Darren
51.7 lbs 69.2 lbs 117.7 lbs Thanks Darren
The smaller ones of these are nice : Still a little expensive though Darren
 Ahh sorry. I saw your location said Kanata and assumed it was Kanata - Ottawa.Darren
 Your only 45 minutes from Ogdensburg NY State
 I have looked in my manual and it states that the color I am outputting is 96kHz. I know that the files I am playing right now though are 44khz, which lead to my confusion. This pink color never changes with Poweramp which lead to my original question of Poweramp upconverting to 96kHz.Best,Darren
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