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I think it would be advisible to keep the discussion at least tangentially related to the O2 or the principles behind it, seeing that the record as regards to thread locks when the O2 is discussed is hardly stellar.   Also, DSPing and EQ renders coloured amps redundant and their pricing even more silly, IMHO. Hell, you can even simulate a tube amp if you feel so inclined.
  Now that made me lol. There is something wonderfully farcical about the idea of a sales rep explaining dynamic range and how this long-lost art has finally been recaptured in their recordings after years of research...
Bleh, mindsets will change eventually, if only by virtue of an influx of new blood thanks to Beats and co. into audiophilia. Until then, I'll keep on arguing
Audacity should do the job.
I got into this due to an aspiration to start listening to music. As up until that point in my life I had shown no interest in listening to music whatsoever, I decided perhaps buying a Clip+ and some Grados would make music interesting. It worked!   I think I can claim to be in a very exclusive group who got into music through hi-fi.   Not entirely sure that's a good thing.
And by awful, we don't mean "The treble was slightly glassy and the mids took on a strident tone," we mean "Sweet Mother of God, what happened to the distortion spectra?"
270. Even amongst the members of a hi-fi audio community, getting into music through hi-fi is pretty rare (tentatively raises hand).
Why would you think the amp would damage itself driving low impedance loads?
  Unless I'm much mistaken, the Zodiac Silver has an output impedance of 120 ohms, which is really very high. This is almost certain to have an audible effect as far as damping is concerned: what you are describing fits rather well with a comparison of a headphone when electrically underdamped and driven properly.   There are plenty of other possible reasons for the difference, but that sounds like the obvious one.
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