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It is probably easier to just make your own from .flac files or similar using LAME.
@Upstateguy:   I'm not sure about the Fuze's output level, but if clipping is occurring on high gain it will occur at any setting of the volume pot. The problem isn't in the output stage, it's the input stage that clips: by the time the signal reaches the pot the clipping has already occurred.  This can only be fixed with either switching from batteries to AC if you are using the former (which I don't believe you are) or by swapping the gain resistors for a lower...
@Satellite: Indeed.   @Pars: The flaws of RMAA are many and documented: as I said above and I believe NwAvGuy has said as well in his post on RMAA, results are not really comparable across RMAA setups, whilst the lack of any concept of absolute levels and the general opacity of operation are also problematic (could say more, but I would just be quoting NwAvGuy's list at this stage.) It also doesn't cover a great deal of parameters and according to NwAvGuy some of the...
I'm pretty sure it is, at least with all optical receivers currently in production.
Certainly, RMAA is better than nothing, but I certainly wouldn't start making any serious assumptions about the quality of an amp based on results from it: it is both limited in scope and flawed in results. Even in uber-best case scenarios, RMAA results are only comparable with other RMAA results from exactly the same setup and even then they are not sufficiently broad or of sufficient resolution to really say much about what is being measured.   He did actually...
Cables don't affect sound quality unless they are inappropriate for the application (read:broken). As the application here doesn't even involve analog or even time-critical signals passing through these cables, they will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on sound quality.
If you use a can of compressed air with a long plastic nozzle to catch any vapour and don't tilt it, it is fine to use. I use one to clean out my coumputer's innards periodically.
Nobody can ever claim absolute objectivity with regards to anything: but I still don't see what you're getting at.
You didn't think we were kicking up all this fuss over something that looked OK with RMAA? It doesn't even come close to providing anything like decent amp performance metrics. Only thing it really has any use for is FR and crosstalk tests and even they are a bit dodgy.    You certainly couldn't make anything within a thousand miles of the statements being made about the O2 based on a set of RMAA results.
Wait a second, the O2 was not tested with RMAA. It was tested with a $10k piece of specialised audio measuring equipment and he ran rather more tests than RMAA could ever hope to manage (including the aforementioned specialised IMD tests.) Have you looked at the blog? It measures distortion relative to frequency, phase, noise floor differences with batteries and AC, uber wide-band THD, slew rate...it is pretty comprehensive and the individual tests are run at a...
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