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The v-regs can cope with up to 20V, although they'll get a little warm at that stage (obviously exact warmth is somewhat dependant on power as well.) For example, I operate my O2 with an 18VAC adaptor, which results in it getting quite warm at 3X gain (with a 2.1V source) but it stays only slightly above room temperature when operated at unity gain (its normal mode of operation for me).
That said, avoid the uDAC-2, especially as a DAC. Its line outputs clip and it generally behaves in way not conducive to good audio quality.
I have previously experimented with gradually raising the volume out of curiosity: I could perceive no shift in tone or anything else that I wouldn't expect from turning it up. As I built my O2 myself and it was my first audio-related DIY build, I experienced a certain paranoia as to its performance, not helped by the fact I wired the output jack backwards initially! In the end, however, I have been unable to find the O2 reproducing anything that isn't on the original...
  In the interests of science, I turned up my volume to 3:00 (which is coincidentally 3X my normal listening level if we go by degrees of rotation.) I'm afraid I was unable to maintain this listening volume for very long (with my normal setting of unity gain) due to the fact it was uncomfortably loud.   I'm not entirely sure what an amplifier straining sounds like: I presume some subjective failure to deliver the dynamics and bass impact associated with a high listening...
That's not entirely fair: he first declared they sounded different and appears to be gradually finding their sound increasingly similar over time in that the O2 appears to be improving: they already sound identical at low-ish volumes and the differences that distinguish them at higher volumes appear to be diminishing.
Seeing all the things about the K701 needing to be plugged into hugely powerful amps...the maximum input power as spec'd by AKG is 200mw. Buying an amp that could provide over a watt of power into them simply seems like a great way to make the overwhelming majority of the volume control range unusable.
297. If it measures well but sounds off under controlled conditions, you are measuring the wrong thing. 
It's not even listed at Cambridge Audio's official UK reseller (Richer Sounds): with Cambridge Audio being British it probably isn't going to appear in the US for a while.
  16VAC is plenty enough to ensure the power rails never drop out of regulation. As long as the input stage isn't overloaded, your amp should be working fine. It shouldn't overload even on high gain with the Fuze (pretty sure the Fuze doesn't pump out over 1.1V RMS) although it will clip with prettymuch anything higher - high gain is really only meant for use with MP3 players and other low-output sources as even 1.5V RMS USB DACs will clip with it.   Nice to see your...
Don't worry about it. As others have said, any anomalies can likely be attributed to the method of reproduction rather than your hearing. Even if it were, not hearing 20khz is hardly a sign of bad hearing!
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