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@Upstateguy I have a cunning plan theory as to where some of the harshness could be coming from. It is still a psychoacoustic trick, but now with 100% more reasons! As others have said, changes in volume affect perceived FR, to the point where the O2 could seem harsher at higher volumes. Seems strange that it is only harsh in a specific section of the volume control's travel - roughly the last quarter or so, would you say?   The reason I'm asking is because the...
I fail to see how, even by silly subjective standards, two people saying they felt the O2 sounded strained at higher volumes, one of which stated repeatedly that the effect seems to be diminishing, can be termed an issue, let alone multiple issues.
120 ohms is only the "industry standard" according to some ancient document that most manufacturers of both headphones and amps completely ignore. If you want a high output impedance, use an impedance adaptor.
Have a look at I have bought from there personally and their stuff is of decent quality (properly shielded cables ect).
It appears that this thread has broken the "Eventually descends into cable discussion" rule by turning into an argument about the nature of music. How novel
You don't have issues with clipping unless you are using a high-voltage source with a high gain setting. There isn't a great deal that can be done about that: the O2 can only swing so much voltage. It's not as if the O2 clips due to some design flaw or is unable to drive hard-to-drive headphones.
Vinyl, as Uncle Erik will no doubt tell you, is good for very cheap music and music that is not available on digital formats. As for the is an inherently inferior format to even the humble CD. Some find that inferiority pleasant to listen to, which would be OK were it not for the fact they sometimes want to impress upon you how vinyl is ANALOG and therefore BETTERER, normally accompanied by various horrible abuses of digital sampling theorem.
Declaring that the difference in time delay would be audible is absolutely insane. 
You're asking for science behind aftermarket cables? You're going to be looking for a very, very long time
The fact that you often have to familarise yourself with such terminology to avoid spending money unneccessarily is testament to the sheer quantity of misinformation in the hobby    
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