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By the looks of it, yes: it appears to be a proper equaliser as opposed to just a bar-based one.
The JDS Labs front panel looks very nice: if I have need of another O2 I'll think I'll cough up as opposed to DIYing it. I wouldn't bother with keeping the screw out: the proximity of the screw thread and the resistor lead is a known potential issue and JDS Labs have excellent quality control AFAIK, so the lead will have been clipped so it can never quite come into contact.   +1 on clipping the High Gain setting resistors: you couldn't use high gain with the...
  The O2 reproduces the input signal, but louder, with no perceivable colouration. It is your headphones which will decide the appropriateness of your setup for different genres.
Most will be quite happy with it: if you're worried about them getting too hot then turn them off when you're not using them.
There is a guide on EQ-ing headphones on this forum which is quite good and can be found with a search.
Yup: if you want RCA sockets or a 1/4 inch headphone plug, you'll need to either DIY it or get someone else to do so for you.
The performance should be identical between all versions: they are all based off NwAvGuy's parts list AFAIK. The JDS Labs and Epiphany Acoustics ones have nice custom front panels, but are otherwise identical.
Wow: NwAvGuy has just revealed the board for 24/96 USB DAC capability will fit inside the existing O2 in the space otherwise occupied by the batteries. I find the idea of a tiny yet completely transparent signal chain quite appealing: USB cable goes in, sound for my headphones come out, all in a relatively tiny box (It will all fit in the smaller of the O2 enclosures apparently).   And he bought a new scope to peer at I2S streams    
Note that they are the same basic design: the desktop version is not going to offer a change in sound unless NwAvGuy decides to incorporate crossfeed/bass boost or something of that sort as an additional feature.
Mouser is probably your best bet, with Farnell also of use if you're in the UK: but this is all documented in great detail on the blog. I can't even joke about NwAvGuy helping you put the items in your basket because he explains that as well.
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