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How much power your speakers need is dependent on their sensitivity, which you haven't given.
I don't think thinking of FLAC as reducing sound quality, which is then un-reduced upon playback, makes any sense. It just stores the same data in a more efficient way.   Anyone who claims differences between FLAC and WAV files on playback is wrong. I will bet my entire life savings and my left testicle on them failing to distinguish the two under controlled conditions. Yourself included.
I would not so much take that article with a pinch of salt as upend several salt cellars over it and then throw it into the Dead Sea.  
Indeed. In fact, a DAC with a fully discrete output stage is, on the balance of probabilities, likely to perform considerably worse I agree with your point, just not the example!
  I would expect the low-power jack to have a very high output impedance, as this has almost certainly been achieved by shoving a giant resistor in there.
  Thanks for the link. I'm afraid I still can't see the logic behind it. My points of contention are mainly:   1) Sources: Stereophile does not constitute a valid source! 2) Their argument. It seems to split into two forks, one implied, the other stated. They are:            -Things getting in the way of the audio is bad.            -Anything much happening whilst music is playing back affects the computer's power supply, which in turn affects clock generation for the...
63mw into 50ohms isn't a huge amount of power (if that is the correct figure, didn't check).   Max SPL (assuming you are playing digital files through your DAC which peak at 0dbfs) would be just over 100db (given by (thanks NwAvGuy!) sensitivity in dB/mW + 10 * LOG ( Pmax in mW))   It dropping out of Class A in normal operation is hence not particularly likely for normal-level listening, but certainly feasible (dependent on content and listening level).    
How incredibly crappy. Yet another reason to never buy an iPod I suppose...
Don't suppose the differences between iTunes when bitperfect and a "better" bitperfect signal are quantifiable?
To avoid distortion, cut instead of boost frequencies.
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