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Controversial is one way of putting it. I would advise a cheap SS amplifier and an equaliser in the face of strident highs: a lot less hassle IMHO. Tube amps are pretty though.
Crossover distortion can be minimised in a decent class AB design: even cheap opamps that are suited to audio applications have negligable crossover distortion. When you talk about simplicity of signal path are you talking about single-ended amplifiers?
Move had already happened by then, unfortunately. I think that people are reading too much into opamp rolling. Opamp rolling works on two principles:   1) That you know better than the designer/designer cut corners of some sort. 2) That audible differences will result even when neither opamp is seriously upset (Oscillation doesn't sound too great apparently...)   I can't see either of these statements holding true, the latter never being true IMHO if you are...
There are engineers that believe lots of things. None of these things have ever been produced under controlled conditions. I wonder why.   Also, how did this end up in Sound Science? Kinda ironic, surely, moving a thread that is turning to the subject of opamp rolling into Sound Science... Also, where's the V200 vs O2 review?
What's actually wrong with the current cases? The photos of the JDS Labs amps in particular I've seen look very nice. Nobody is about to wax lyrical for a paragraph about their beauty, but they certainly don't embarrass themselves. I don't think it's fair to paint something like the JDS Labs offering as vastly visually/structurally inferior to other commercial offerings. 
Yup, all you need is a RCA to 3.5mm cable, which will probably put you back about $5. Alternatively, you can DIY the O2 and simply wire in RCA plugs (what I did). 
I suppose it's a personal question. I treat my gear carefully (this is not meant as an insult, I'm not trying to imply that anyone else doesn't) and am not that bothered about aesthetics. My O2 cost £60, including postage, even though I went for the larger case and added Neutrik RCA and headphone jacks to ensure long-term durability on that front. It is, however, as ugly as hell, due to me skimping on the front panel, and smells slightly of Araldite, which is quite...
A thread called "Testing Audiophile Claims and Myths" or something of that sort opens with a compilation of blind tests.   EDIT: It's on this forum page.
The difference is either: 1) Night and day. 2) Nonexistent. 3) "Just the last little bit of extra X in favour of amp Y."   Think that's covered all the bases
Firstly, your link to do with video playback has sod all to do with anything.   Secondly, we can now add "hearing sound-stage differences in cable length" to the thousands of things you easily hear (we're all deaf) because you have magical, bias immune ears which makes what you hear from casual listening impressions the ABSOLUTE UNDENIABLE TRUTH.    Perhaps you can start another thread on it and we can all have a good laugh when you waltz out halfway through,...
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