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I don't know how an IEM can be both warmer and brighter than the M2, aren't those sort of the opposite?  Unless you're looking for a V-shaped sound signature, which is what the TF10 has. Brainwavz B2's or the DBA-02's are a good upgrade if you want to go the analytical route.  They're definitely brighter and have more detail and clarity but aren't particularly bassy. The GR07 is another very good choice, which is neutral with a slight focus on the bass.  
That's sort of funny, I think I just posted this in another thread asking about er4's with more bass. You definitely might want to give the UM Aero's a shot, there's a review of them here:      
I believe that Unique Melody's triple BA model has a ER4 driver plus dual bass drivers, so it might have the sound that you're looking for.  I know that despite the dual bass drivers it's still fairly analytical and doesn't have a bass heavy sound signature.  
Brainwavz M2's are a pretty standard go to model for ~50.  They're bassy, don't do anything wrong, and are great value. If you want some cheap headphones just get the Meelec M9's.  They're usually around $10 and are better than every single in ear that skullcandy makes.
That's sort of the way that android works, programs are only cleared out of the RAM when it's full and you need to open up a new app.  It shouldn't slow down your phone having multiple apps open in the background.  I actually do use task manager to close too
xD, nah, it's draining the battery because I'm playing it all the time.  I wouldn't say it's disappointing, I do miss some of the features that my friends with iphones have, but an update should come out sooner or later.
Anyone playing tiny towers?  My battery life halved ever since I started, it's so addicting xD  
I ended up pulling out all the filters and replacing them with the ones that etymotic research makes for the HF5, which fit in fairly well...  You can pull the filters out with the filter removal tool that ER also carries.  If you don't have fischer remolds they might not come out as easily though. I actually don't use my's very much at all anymore.
Just curious, is it easy to test if your headphones are balanced or not? I tried listening to a bunch of my songs in mono and all frequencies seemed very centered. However, I noticed that with normal stereo music the W4's seem to have a tendency to make the bass seem noticeably left or right orientated.  I felt like my 10's did that too while the pan is much less noticeable on other headphones.  It could also be the tips, I'm not too sure what I think about...
I'd go with browns then, which are my personal favorite.  They really aren't that loud; they're much much quieter than blues.  After you get used to them you stop bottoming out which can reduce the noise substantially. In my opinion, blues are the only switches that would be considered excessively loud.  Browns really aren't bad at all, I've probably seen some normal rubber dome keyboards that are louder than browns. 
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