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The problem with the B2's are that they are rarely in stock anymore... I don't know if this is just a time in between production cycles, but mp4nation doesn't have them and no other places carry them for a reasonable price. The B2's have the standard "thin" nozzle, eartips made for most westone, etymotic research, and other similar headphones should all fit.
Actually, I went to the health care center at my school and they told me that since I was blowing my nose a bunch I had some liquid behind one of my eardrums, which is apparently fairly normal when you have allergies.  After switching to Shure Olive tips and waiting a week, the sound is much better.  I feel like the W4's are just so precise that any imbalance will make the positioning seem off.  
You may be able to mod a headlamp or some accessories for the gopro cameras.  Maybe you can stick a holster on it, one that the iphone sort of clips into with the back sticking out like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31ZdJG81ZFL._SL500_AA300_.jpg Then you can just start the video and clip the iphone into the holster.  The optrix probably only needs the connector so that it can charge your iphone while recording, or maybe they have some special app for it.
I would look for something that would allow you to attach your phone to your head.  That would be a lot more practical and easy to find.
^_^ school speed when I got back from break a couple of days early. And my friend's, who goes to the naval academy in annapolis >.> Guess they spent all their money elsewhere
  They have some sort of sale on the coolermaster keyboards here: http://us.ncix.com/products/?usaffiliateid=1000031501&sku=67069&vpn=SGK-4000-GKCL1-US&manufacture=COOLERMASTER&promoid=1029 Seems like a fairly good price to me, I'm not sure how much they usually cost though.  It's supposed to have mx blue switches.   I really liked the Noppoo choco minis, especially with brown switches.  I'm using another keyboard at the moment, but I still keep an extra one...
Supposedly the Maverick D1 is an excellent DAC, but the built in amp isn't that great.  If you use the tube out to another amp you can get a really excellent system, but the built in one isn't all that spectacular.  
I've been ordering caps from ebay and aliexpress.  Not sure if there are any other good places to get them from, but aliexpress is actually reasonably secure. 
I would give the W4's a bit more time.  I only recently got a pair as well, and didn't have very positive impressions at first.  I've found that they're one of the most tip dependent headphones I've used so far, and that they do benefit a fair amount from being amped.  I tried all 5 or 6 types of eartips that came with the W4's and didn't really like any of them.  I'm currently using them with Shure olive foam tips and a fiio e11, and the sound is definitely better than...
Looks cool, if the sound is at all better than the original I'd definitely grab a pair.  Subscribing to this thread.
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