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Well, the listing seems to have been removed.  Ebay auctions are always iffy, because many people will buy fake headphones and not realize they are fake, and then leave positive feedback. Average people won't be able to tell the difference in sound quality, unless they're really dreadful copis.  A lot of these fakes aren't cheap look alikes, they're produced from identical factories in China but to a lower standard.  
The E7 is almost like an external soundcard that provides a lot more power to your headphones.  So if you had a bad soundcard to start with then it would be an upgrade.  If you are using headphones that require more juice than normal to drive, you will also notice an improvement in sound quality.  Basically, I'd say that if you didn't build your computer yourself and just got a standard package, then it will be better than your stock sound card. 
You probably don't have them deep enough.  HF5's should be inserted deep enough so that the strain reliefs sit in that little groove in your ears and basically cannot be inserted any deeper at all.  If your earphones are hanging out of your ears then they haven't been inserted deep enough.  Watch the video that etymotic research has on their web page, it will help a lot.  Also try pulling your ears upwards while inserting.
I have been using 1 pair of comply tips for the past 2 months and they're still very useable.  I only recently soaked them in hydrogen peroxide to clean them and they're almost as good as new, maybe just a bit stiffer.  My ears are relatively clean though, I cotton swab them several times a week.  Another benefit to using the comply foams is that they have a built in filter so that you won't ever need to replace the etymotic filters, that'll save you a few bucks to get...
Actually, my HF5's have a straight plug and they've been fine for well over a year now.  My friend's er6i has an angled plug which recently broke.  It still works alright but the strain relief sort of fell off.  If you keep your headphones in the supplied pouch and don't wrap it around your mp3 player they'll last for a long time. As for the tips, I don't think any will give you better isolation than the triple flanges.  After that are probably foam tips.  Mine didn't...
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