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    This is Ebay's automatic bidding system.  If the current bid for an item is at $20, and the next person bids $50, the price will increase to $21 instead of jumping to $50.  If a third person comes and bids $30, he will not be shown as the highest bidder.  The 2nd person will still be the highest bidder but the item price will be increased to $31,  until someone else bids higher than $50.
Thermaltake Isurus for me definitely.  I pretty much use these the most out of any of my earphones since I like to have the mic when I'm on my PC.  Other than the sound, I really like how they're ported so they only partially isolate.  This way I can still have conversations with people when I have them in my ears.
The CK10's are really nice earphones but I don't think they're really worth the $300 price tag.  Their sound isn't really superior to many other TWFK earphones that are available anywhere from 100-200. I'd be interested to hear about how the CKM500 compares to them though. This review is really making me want to try these CKM500's, but some of the other new BA headphones that have been popping up also seem interesting.
In your particular case I'd just get an E5 since it's so cheap.  A E11 is much better but you won't be able to use it to its full potential with a source like your phone. An amp only device such as the E5 or E11 will improve sound quality the same amount for both a phone and a PC because it is only an external amp.  Honestly it's somewhat debatable if it's even worth it since you are going to be double amping and your sources are so poor.  I'm only going to say it's...
Yes, the E11 should increase the sound quality in most cases.  How much it does depends on your earphones and also your phone though.   Basically, a mp3 music player needs to have both a DAC and and amp to produce sound for your headphones. A mp3 file is digital, meaning it is all 1's and 0's, as opposed to analog which would be something like a vinyl disk.  A DAC is a Digital to Analog converter, meaning that it takes the .mp3 file and converts it to actual sound...
GR07 is more neutral and has a very balanced sound. DBA02's are bright and extremely detailed and clear. GR01's are somewhat in between the two, but probably closer to the DBA02 since it is also a TWFK driver based headphone.
    Try USPS priority mail and using a flat rate envelope.  If you ask them to measure and weigh your own package it usually ends up being a lot more for whatever reason.  It should be easy to fit the earphones in a flat rate envelope or box, and it should be around ~20 for priority or 30-40 for express.  
You should try and determine what kind of sound signature you like.  Music is mostly split up into Highs, Mids, and Bass.  Highs are generally sparkly sounding things like symbols.   Mids are vocals, guitars and electric guitars, and stuff like that.  Bass is both the low rumbly stuff like guitar bass and also mid bass, which usually includes drums and other percussion instruments. Anyways, headphones usually have a unique sound signature, meaning that a certain part...
Has anyone tried the W4 with a fiio e17? I really like my W4's, but coming from a B2 I often wish that the high end had a bit more energy.  I was considering getting a udac-2 or a ibasso d4 since people have said they have good synergy with the W4, but the e17 also looks interesting with its treble boost function.  Can anyone recommend a good colored amp that will boost the highs a bit?
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