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I played Agarest on the 360... couldn't stand the gameplay whatsoever, I found it incredibly dull and repetitive.  There's actually an auto-combat button that basically fights all of your battles for you but it only works up to a certain difficulty.  It's a shame because I thought the graphics were nice and it's one of the few games that are actually translated. On the other hand, I've seen some pretty good reviews of the game, so it might just not be for me.   So...
Was a big fan of tiny towers, I didn't get a chance to try out kairosoft's stuff yet though. My latest obsession has been rage of bahamut... it feels so silly playing a trading card game like that but I'm hooked for some reason.  Too bad the communication system in that game is horrible, interaction with other players is limited to 30 character public messages.
Just beat the game for the first time, lvl 30 wizard. Hardly played straight though, I got plenty of sleep between yesterday and today xD I definitely like the game so far, but it's not completely what I expected, never having played Diablo 2.  I was hoping for something MMORPGish, since I heard that it was going to have tremendous replay value, but I'm still not seeing what's going to keep people playing.  It seems more like an offline rpg with excellent coop and...
Can you compare the new JVC's to the Isurus a bit?  I bought the Isurus a while back and am still enjoying them a lot. Also how are they compared to the CKM500's?  Sorry if this was already asked, I flipped through the past couple of pages but not very carefully.
LOL didn't catch that, gonna put the blame on epicfailxD though =P
Out of all the headphones mentioned in this thread, I'd say that the Philips 3580 are probably the best sounding. Meelec's lower end models are pretty bassy too and are of good value.  I'd say that the Philips are sort of flavor of the month right now, although they definitely are very good.
Try using slightly smaller tips and then inserting the earphones deeper than usual into your ears.  Pulling up and outwards on the back of your ear will make insertion this way much easier.
In most cases, what makes a laptop suitable for gaming is the video card.  The processor and RAM are important as well, but you really only need a mid grade one that are sufficiently powerful. Nearly all of the time, the video card is what's going to be bottlenecking your gaming on a laptop so that's what I would look for first.  Depending on what company makes the laptop, higher end gaming cards may be uncommon or impossible to find.  For instance, with HP, even with...
I'd definitely look into Asus, they make some very nice stuff for reasonable prices.  Alienware is usually overpriced, but they do occasionally have deals as well.   If you're ok with getting an HP laptop, they actually have a pretty decent deal on one of their 15" laptops right now.  Usually I wouldn't recommend HP because for whatever reason they only put mid grade graphics cards in their systems, even in their premium line of laptops.  However, this one has a...
JVC marshmallow's. http://www.head-fi.org/t/589806/multi-review-examining-the-jvc-marshmallow-ha-fx33-34-35-30
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