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The x10's are definitely better value because they're marked down so much. The two earphones have very different signatures though, the HF5's will be much more analytical and focused on mids/highs while the x10's will be bassier. If you like the signature of the HF5's, you might want to look into some of mp4nation's sales on their B2, which I believe is available for $90. I've owned both the HF5 and the B2 for several years, and the two are very similar although I think...
Blizzard is working on it, and in my personal opinion they're going in the right direction. I'm hoping the new bosses and game modes in 1.05 will give d3 more of an endgame. I wish there was something like the item world that they had in disgaea, that was super fun. Basically each piece of equipment itself was a dungeon that went down 99 levels, and each floor you clear improves the stats of the item. The monsters also get progressively stronger to the point where it's...
It seems like they're finally on the right track now with the new patches.  I'm actually really looking forward to 1.05 and the new bosses/difficulty systems.  Ever since 1.04 came out with the new legendaries Inferno has just been a breeze, hopefully now there'll actually be something tough so we can put our gear to use.
Can anyone tell me what the first song in this medley is?  I've been sifting through random touhou songs on youtube all afternoon looking for it x.x
PM sent
Quite true, I actually use an external screen much more than my laptop screen.  I happen to have a HP envy which used to carry a pretty nice screen (the radiance display, 1600x900 for a 14") but by the time I ordered mine they ran out of stock.  Manufacturers probably probably slap on a crappy screen to cut costs now, laptops are much much cheaper now than they were a few years back.  
Reshelled TF10's for $350 aren't worth it in my opinion, I would go for one of 1964 ear's or another company's lower end dual or triple armature custom instead.  The TF10's are great value for ~120, but I don't think the sound is worth 200+ even with a fantastic fit/seal.  Especially since you've never even tried them before, you have no idea if you really like the sound signature or not.   UM is one of the best companies to get reshells from, hence the higher price....
I'm sure they're still popular, but a lot of universal alternatives have come out in the past year or two.  Most companies' flagship models have been improved from the triple balanced armature models to quad driver ones that have really competitive prices and can definitely beat out much of the lower end customs (westone 4's going around for $275 lightly used are hard to beat for that price)   There are also a couple of customs that have been made into universals so... Somewhat pricy but it could work.  I'm also not 100% sure if all 4 of those slots are sd card slots, but they appear to be. You could also try and just get a 128gb flashdrive. A portable harddrive would be the cheapest solution and also the fastest and most stable, but they're a bit larger than a stack of 4 sd cards.
Idk about that, at first I thought the PSP was lacking on games a bit, but if you really look there's a pretty ridiculous amount of good titles, especially now. Just a few of the games I really enjoyed, meaning I actually beat the whole game (or at least played through a good part of it)   lol that was sort of nostalgic going through my save game folder... there are probably a bunch more not on there though.
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