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Can you guys recommend any mini-vacuum cleaner like devices for cleaning off your desk?  I don't know if it's just where I live but it's incredibly dusty, and my desk has too much stuff like monitors and speakers on it to wipe down easily.  My normal vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up fine dust off my desk that well, and it's a huge hassle wiping around everything.
The newer k70 has a full sized wrist rest as well as backlit keys.  There are also more switch options as opposed to just red.  I used to own the K65, it's very great solid keyboard and I'd definitely recommend it.  I would have upgraded to the k70 in a heartbeat since it pretty much addresses all the issues I had with the keyboard, but I ended up switching to a topre board since I do more typing than gamming nowadays. Also, are you getting the compact storm or the full...
I don't have much experience with Nvidia but a 680 should run pretty much all of your games at 60fps, especially if you do a little bit of overclocking. If you want to save money though, 7950's are dipping below $200 pretty regularly and you can get even a 7970 for under $300 nowadays.     Random pic of my comp xD.  The NZXT Phantom case looks kind of cool with all the outer panels removed.  Second pic is with my gramp's budget build. I'd love to take some nicer pics but...
Uh, depends what exactly you want your system to be able to do and what games you're playing.  I am using an HIS IceQ 7970, standard clocks, so only a tiny bit faster than a 7950, and also happen to game on 1440p.  You should be able to play most non-demanding games at max settings with a good FPS, such as League of Legends, MMO's, and most games from a year or two ago.   With console ports such as Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, etc, you're probably going to want...
So I was browsing around reddit and came across this pic: http://i1.minus.com/iJaYRUhtggO7N.jpg   Top comment valued the collection at around $6000... that's just nuts.  And I thought me spending a few hundred on a keyboard was already extreme.
Oh, rofl, I didn't even realize there was a Steam tab, good thing you brought that up.  Kukuk I'll pm you the steam key then.
Everything this bundle was for Origin unfortunately, do you still want it?
I have a few left over codes from the bundle as well, I still have Dead Space Origin, Burnout, Crysis2, Dead Space 3, and Medal of Honor.  You can PM me if you want one.
It was liquid nitrogen, not helium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKN4VMOenNM   A CPU has no moving parts and is entirely enclosed, unlike a harddrive.  They're also made out of ceramics, silicone, and metals that are far more temperature resistant than a harddrive with a fragile disk.  AMD is also only doing this as a one time demonstration sort of thing.  If you do something like this regularly you'd probably end up breaking the CPU due to stress fractures.  Not...
The new Nexus 7 isn't terribly amazing in my opinion.  It's pretty much got the same specs as the one year old Nexus 4, but with a nicer screen.  1920x1200 is pretty sweet but not phenomenal, plenty of phones have that kind of resolution in a smaller space nowadays.  The best thing about the new Nexus 7 is the price, and 4.3 should be sweet too.
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