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Hey guys,   I'm selling my Beats Solo 2 headphones that are new in box. They are wired and black (on-ear). These Beats have received great reviews from folks like Tyll and others in the audiophile community. They're the best of the Beats lineup and are actually a great sounding headphone.   I'm located in Montreal, Canada right now, so we'll work something out with the shipping :).   Send me a PM! Please take a look at my trade reputation here on Head-Fi.
Hi, I am selling my beloved HD800s.   These are the best headphones I've ever heard. Unfortunately, things are really tough for me right now financially, so I am going to have to let them go.    Some details:   Cable: Single ended Sennheiser cable Serial #: 27XXX Color: Silver Condition: Great. See photos! Perhaps an extremely minor and small scuff on the rim, just normal use. Functionality: Works perfectly and sounds outstanding. Really, the best headphones I've...
Dear all,   I am selling my balanced HD800 cable. It has a nice kevlar feeling sheath on the outside (black) and you can see the nice copper cabling that goes into the HD800 terminals. It is not a cotton or bungie-cord type material; it is a smooth, sleek kevlar feeling material! It is a 4-pin balanced XLR cable.    It is about 6 1/2 to 7 feet long end to end!    Reason for sale: Moved to an amp that has single-ended output.   Please see photos! 
I am selling my beloved Bryston BHA-1 amplifier. It is in mint condition.    The amplifier was actually tested and built at Bryston on Sept 9th, 2014, according to the Owner's Manual.   Original box + packaging Owner's manual with all specifications/testing results Purchased from authorized dealer. Comes with original invoice for the 20 year warranty. 120V Perfect condition, perfectly functional Newest model with all the extra inputs/outputs   The item is...
I think that is what I'm probably doing. Is there any difference between reterminating the stock cable and another type of cable with all that "OCC" copper? 
I haven't tried this yet, but everyone raves about the Vioelectric 100 with the HD800s, because that's the one the lead engineer from Sennheiser used to voice the HD800s. It's about that price. And, you really need to try the HD800s on something else from the O2. The HD800s just don't sound good out of them. I had that setup for a long time, and hearing the HD800s even out of a powerful vintage amp was instantly 2x better. 
 I've amped my HD800s with an Objective2. Thought that's all there was to sound. Then I amped it with a vintage amp (which I still think is great), and the sound was a lot more pleasant to listen to. I listened for maybe at least 10 hours that day. But here, there was definitely detail loss, and there was obvious "distortion" with the signal. Then I amped my HD800s with a Bryston BHA-1, and it just sounded "Hi-Fi" right away. Each note was so controlled and articulate, and...
I can come :).
Hello,   I am looking for a reasonably priced balanced cable for my HD800s. Ideally it would be 4-pin, but I can live with 2x 3pin as well since my amp has both outputs.    I am located in Montreal, Canada.   I want to spend around $100-150 max.    Thanks, Pepper
Hey guys,   I am selling my Bryston BHA-1 amplifier. It is the black version. This one arrived this morning at my local authorized Bryston dealer. It has less than 8 hours of usage on it (just me auditioning my HD800s), and of course has 100% of the original packaging, manuals, and even my invoice. I will literally put it right back in its box, retape it, and send it to you :).   The taxes where I live are 15%, so I paid a total of $1,600 for it. It hurts me a lot to...
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