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Great to see that this player is back! I love everything about this player and it is using AAA batteries....the 40 hours playback time is a plus! Quote: Originally Posted by jant71 For those who are interested, apparently a T60 SE(second edition) is available. Would have been a real popular player but it had it's faults. Not sure if those are all the specs; it should play more than just MP3 and...
Quote: Originally Posted by kjk1281 BeyerdynamicPioneerCL20 CL21 CL22 CLX7 CLX9 Pioneer have a new model: SE-CL21X!
Quote: Originally Posted by ericishere1 I actually just returned it. It was a nice, solid player. The screen was washed out and too many limitations on the video side for my taste. I have been looking at the Cowon O2 as an alternative. But this player will support rmvb files. This is the reason why I'm using this player alot! It is a very nice player but it's quiet big! Does iriver have other players playing rmvb files as well?
this model has good looking! lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shingetsu Any ideas? What about ATH-PRO700LTD as portable isolation cans? Want to get the ATH-PRO700LTD but it seems I'm out of luck! Is there any place?
I'll go to camp during labor day holiday so I may not able to find a power outlet to charge my mp3 player. Do you have any portable charging station to recommend? I got one with AA a battery before but it's not working very well.
The new LG KM900 ARENA phone is awesome too! It has beautiful looking and fun to use interface. It's a great music player as well.
Is these phone still available for sale? This is a great little phones
Quote: Originally Posted by Aruna A900Ti is better at : - Bass impact* (good amount & quality), Tonal balance* (midrange) - Overall* : Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Hiphop, Electronic (lively) A950LTD is better at : - Treble, Soundstage (a bit Airy)* - Jazz, Ballad (or other smooth & relax music)* Great short comparison for these headphones! Thanks...
Quote: Originally Posted by yihfeng I bought mine for AUD459 Thank you! i found other source, the price is similar comparing to yours
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