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  dfx audio enhancer delivers multiple and adjustable changes for multiple software - but all these plug ins do, from my limited point of view, they change the dominance (db-level) of different frequencies/-groups which suggests bigger soundstage, or more bass,or st. else   instead of using winamp try mediamonkey or foobar2000 as mentioned above   and change this thread to the correct forum "computer audio" pls, thx
i like this one better - but i like the sound out-of-the-box the most, and being so i hardly use enhancing..    
first of all: IMO it is called a "hobby" or "game" which means some do like the 1990ies rally cars and others do like the 2011 F1s, and some even like the ancestral lada...   second: hobbies need exercise which means i have to get used to the facts, tech aspects, pricings..  - theory and practice - so i could enjoy my hobby to my desired and utmost satisfaction; for some this is the 100 usd-price range, for others this is the 10000 usd-price range...
just tried the classic foam mod incl. the outer-little-foam-mod from apuresound as well...(w/ original cable, otherwise A/Bing would be insufficient..)   the curtain lifts its face, sounds not so muffled/veiled as before: bass has more accuracy/defintion but loses the senn-typical (HD56x/6xx) roll off and dominance, treble is clearer, cleaner, and more realistic, same with the middle, very realistic, but even: i would tell it are the middles which are the "weak part"...
/\   both above posts(bilavideo, olias) are souu true, thx for sharing!!   please bilavideo send this within an email to grado labs, and maybe next season we will walk around with grado nano cartridges implanted in our ears...;-) just kidding
  X2   would love to see a teardown/hole-punch-mod/open-back thingy p5 (woody...-)
you "pulled the power plug during playback" and are wondering why there are sparkles...;-) how crazy is that - especially to a tube-amp...i like this!-) i think my eyes are sparkling with joy too..
    hm...true  - you got your points...   - besides i like my rs1is very much too...;-) and it is not a "dark" hp at all...
@ kite7: 1st: no offence, b no doubt they sound different, as the rs-1i is differently built than its predecessors...wiki to be found here. the "darker" sound in the newer models is no surprise to me, as to many listeners the grado hp's are/were sometimes to be sounding too bright...and grado labs did some of its homework over the past years..  2nd: how could you compare a 2003 pair with more than enough hours of playtime with a new manufactured one? for sure these...
@ minwyn:   i'd go with the fiio e7 or nubert icon udac2 (slightly better i suppose), or wait for the e17 later this year..   as dscythe mentioned, none of these phones/iem need a powerful amp. so a dac/mini-amp like e7 would fit best for a computer/iphone-setup imo...and there are the ibasso's, too...   btw, if you buy new n better n bigger headphones you still could upgrade your amp section (e.g. w/ e9  (only with e7) or else)   good luck!
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