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Going a little bit off-topic here, but did anyone receive their copy of the Spyderco 2014 catelog?? I ordered it the day it was available but haven't received it yet.   Also for the ones who also love them, Mcusta folders have been restocked on most of the Japanese sites. Definitely getting the MC-141 and the MC-183 Ieyasu..... My god that's such a beauty ..     So many things competing for my EDC options though.. hate being a student sometimes
When I'm lifting weights I have the cable behind me on my back instead of in front of me to prevent wear and tear on it, it depends on the movement I will make with that exercise. I also do not think that sweat contributes that much to cable wear, what happened was that while I was running, a drop of sweat went into my ear and I immediately lost sound from one side. I tried switching cables to the opposite monitor (blue to right and red to left) and I found out it was the...
Oh WOW, that Rockstead is a lot better looking than I thought.
    Spyderco Civilian C12GS
  I haven't heard of them before o_o, can you post a picture that shows the blade? And indeed, a knife you do not see every day :)
Just a little (off-topic) add-on. Earlier I asked if I should return my W4R because my right monitor wasn't producing as much sound as it's supposed to or if I could try to fix it some other way. Turns out that I did had to ship it back and surprise, surprise.. the customer service from Variphone, one of the official dealerships of Westone products in Europe, was excellent. They gave me a brand new unit for extra charge. I got to experience the pleasure of unboxing them...
YES, the rice bag didn't work, but by switching the cables I now know it's a cable issue. Thanks a lot
Thanks for the quick response. In the manual said that the blue dot should be on the left IEM and the red one should be on the right IEM and to be honest I don't know enough about it as well so I'm not willing to try it.. unless someone here tells me it could work and to see if the problem lies with the IEM or the cable. But until then, I rather not take the risk .
  My Mcusta Tactility MC-122D :D I carry this everyday. I love it so much Also got a Spydie Civilian laying around somewhere, I'm not carrying that (of course), but I'll post some pictures sometime later.
Talking about Westone customer service, I have a question. Lately I've been running a lot with my W4R's and I always thought that sweat wouldn't really hurt the W4R that much because I was always sure to have a really good fit and replaced my foam tips on a regular basis. Now my right earpiece failed and is producing a lot less sound than it should and I don't know what to do now .   How do I know if there is a problem with my cable or my earpiece? And is this...
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