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SUP GUYS.  I figured out why the left side of my headphones were buzzing.  I know a few of you have a similar problem, hopefully my experience will help you.  I took apart the left side of my headphones, took the driver off the baffle and disassembled the driver.  The driver is attached to the baffle with plastic tabs and screws.  You can bend the baffle(its pretty sturdy) and the driver will pop out.     The dis-assembly of the driver on the other hand is pretty...
I bought them new and I've burned them in about 30-40 hours.  The sibilance is still there; it makes my ears hurt listening to female acoustic tracks.  I hope with more burn in the sibilance tames down, I really want to like these headphones.  
wow your fa-011's look amazing.  I just received mine and they are in pretty bad condition.  The finish on the wood is uneven, the gold metal part on the side of the cups is dented/scratched/tarnished, and the ear pads are torn.  I also think my FA-011s sound horribly sibilant, more so than any other headphone I've tried: beyer dt 990 600 ohm, jvc rx700, Panasonic RP-HTF600, T50-RPs, Senn HD 555s.  I wonder if their quality control has gone down because of the high...
im using fiio e9 to amp them
Just received fa-011 after 6 weeks of waiting.  Some bad first impressions.  The finish on the wood is uneven and looks poorly done.  The gold metal parts on the side of the ear cups are messed up/scratched/tarnished.  The ear pads are torn.     I haven't burned the headphones in yet, and out of the box there is some horrible sibilance.  I will update on how the sound changes, and or how I adjust to the sound of  these headphones.  
I've been waiting for these headphones to arrive about 4 weeks now.  Hope it comes soon.  I was planning to get wood editions, but with this kind of delay and hassle, I'm rethinking it. 
I have a Fostex T50RP, incoming FA-011, and am probably going to get a Beyer dt 990 600 ohm.  Thanks for the tip, I will check out the xfi titanium. 
I am looking for the best quality audio out of my computer that can also simulate surround sound (gaming) for my headphones.  I currently have the Fiio E9 and an HT Omega Striker soundcard.  Should I upgrade the soundcard to the HT Omega Claro Halo which is supposed to be able to power headphones up to 600 ohm and also has Dolby Headphone, or get a Turtle Beach DDS/Mixamp and a Fiio E7?     Not sure if the latter option makes much sense, but would appreciate some...
The right side cup of my T50RPs makes a buzzing sound when I'm talking to somebody over skype, or during lyrics with hard consonant sounds.  I've taken it apart many times and fiddled with various things but can't find the source of the sound.  Any ideas?  Has anybody else had this problem?
GUYS GUYS!   I bought some pyramid shaped acoustic foam (1"),  used it to fill the baffle and also cut a section of it and attached it to the headband with zip ties.  These headphones are now super comfortable, don't slip off, and sound great.  I'm going to try and angle the drivers by using the foam and filling in the cups asymmetrically.
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