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as a pc gamer 90% of the time (i have to play fighting games on consoles), i've been waiting for this thread  
waiting for this before i order anything else :)
thanks for everyone's replies.  i've tried a friend's DT990 600ohms before and the treble was a bit much for me.  the bass was great though.   as it turns out, i've sold a couple things of mine earlier today and i'm considering purchasing something from audeze :)  now i'm off to do more reading through the full size amp/dac forum.
I'm pretty much looking for something more immersive than anything. Seeing your post about getting the K701 to produce a fuller sound akin to maybe the DT990 or D7000 was very interesting to me. I've recently upgraded to a D7000 and have been seeing if there was something like it with that "open" sound. I have to say, coming from a HD555, the D7000 blew my mind. But of course like a true head-fi'er I'm already looking for the next best thing.
wait...you're saying with the Lyr your k702 produced bass?  as in actual thumping bass?  i'm asking seriously as i've never tried or even considered to try the k701 mainly because i read all over head-fi that they pretty much sound like empty tin cans when trying to reproduce bass...  i'm interested also because i've always only bought closed cans and now that i've got my own room for an office i can finally try some open cans.
what ticks me off the most about this guy is that i constantly see him giving *cough* advice *cough* to people on audio related articles.  just seems like a google jockey to me. 
so Engadget decided to feature the E17.  i scroll down to read some comments and i find this gem:             :facepalm:  
man, all this D7000 talk has me itching.  been wanting to buy something with that home theater feel to it.  
has anyone ever suggested that mad lust put approximate prices on the headphones he's reviewed and suggested?  i know it would help me a bit :)
i still don't know why they won't release a PS3 version of FF7.  that game will probably make billions in 1 weekend...lol.   anyways, has anyone tried the JVC-HA-RX700/900?  any predictions on how well they might work?  looking for a budget headphone for a friend.
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