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I find the bass in mine to be just fine for my hip hop and techno music, but if i ever want it to step up a notch I just EQ it, but that is never really needed in my opinion. It is all about how it sounds to you though
My vote is for the AKG K271 MKIIs, at $149.00 on amazon. They have great bass (which is essential based on the genres listed), as well as they are close and nearly cancel noise, similar to the Beats. No need to worry about muddy vocals either, they have pretty crisp highs.   Although they wont be as transparent as Grados, they will sound noticeably better than the Beats.
That'll put a load of Schiit into any headphone!
Poly inner sleeves are okay, but you are better off going with mobile fidelity for any plastic inner sleeves, but otherwise use the paper sleeves, they work perfect. I use them for nearly all of my records. But if you insist on the Poly inners, the MoFi sleeves are way better. They are the best you can get. They seal and are anti-static.They will fit in all your records i wouldnt worry about it.
For any records you put a large value on or really appreciate, I would recommend Mobile Fidelity Inner Sleeves. They are recommended by the Library of Congress, as well as any vinyl lover. For all others, just a regular paper sleeve is fine, as long as the record has minimal dust when you put it in the sleeve, it will be...
what about getting something like the energy rc-10s with a sub woofer, would that be a substantial upgrade from the av-40s?
  Hello all, I have been reading Head-Fi for months now and finally have something to post about! I have a pair of M-Audio AV40s and I kind of want something more, I was considering the Audioengine P4s because I recently bought a Hk 3390 and it is able to power two speakers. I just don't know if its really that much of an upgrade from the AV40s or if I should just save my money for something more.     If i should get something else, besides the Audioengine P4s,...
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