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Any idea if the ES60 uses the bigger bass drivers that are used in the ES5 or did they shrink the size so they could fit both in there?
I agree. The Westone website for the ES60 says they are dual bore: "Westone’s Dual Bore technology allows for the IEM’s high and low frequency sound components..."
That looks painful.
Keep us posted on how the refit goes 
I think if you have any doubts about your fit or don't feel completely satisfied with the way they feel in your ears you should send them back for a refit. When I got my CIEMs for the first time the seal of my left monitor would break every time I even opened my mouth a little bit and I would have to readjust it with my hand. At first I thought that I could live with it and maybe just not open my mouth at all, or maybe it would just go away but after about a month of...
I don't think there's anything wrong with spending a few hundred on IEMs and using them solely with a Clip+, a lot of people use that particular setup here.
This has happened to me occasionally after I leave it playing for awhile - can't use the touchscreen or any of the "buttons" on the front of the unit, only the power button to turn the screen on/off or open the "Power Off" menu (which you can't use since the touchscreen doesn't work.) Holding down the power button for a long time unfortunately doesn't force a reset so I also have to use the reset button when this happens.
  Sounds like it might be a little loose... when I press on my ears or the ES5s the sound doesn't change at all.
I use my DX100 with ES5s and I don't hear any hissing either on low gain at 170 volume through the HO.
Has anybody noticed that with gapless set to "Close" going from one song to the next that there is a short fade-in of about 1 second long? It is a little bit annoying for me because I sometimes miss the first two notes or so of a song. It doesn't seem to do this if the track is already about 10 seconds in and I press the "rewind" button to start the track over.   I don't really like the 5/10 second gapless options either because I don't like fade-in
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