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An update..I wrote to ibasso, and they told me that the click sounds are there by design .. so fine.Changing the usb cable the other problem seems vanished... 
I have the same issue of KT66 ; keep me updated please. .. Moreover I can hear a 'click' sound when I turn off and I turn on the device .. I am pretty sure that this didn't happen till the last couple of days ..
Thank you guys. I have my re262 broken and I have to decide if to ask for a replacement or an upgrade to re 272, so, your observations are very usefull to me In the end, I'm quite afraid to go for a more analytical earphone, since I've never heard one and also since I listen to very different kinds (classical, pop, rock, dance, jazz) of music. The extra $100 dollars are to be considered too! In the meantime, going back to my old Brainwatz M3 was a little...
Ciao, happy Xmas.
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