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To start off I'll mention that i am beyond satisfied with my current setup which is a set of audio-technica ath-m50 and brainwavz m2 IEMs.  I couldn't be happier.   The question i have....   Which IEM would you recommend that is comparible to the M2's (warm mids/bassy/overall sound quality), but preferably with over-the-ear fitting.  my bro runs...a lot..and im trying to help him out. thanks!   price range:  $40-75
The way I see it, 60 bucks isn't too pricey for something you love, but to spend more than 100 on phones I'll be lifting with, I think I'll pause here at least until they break, then I'll be searching higher up..in other words..yeah, I'm pretty sure I've already caught the bug.  I'm just hoping I'm not killin my eardrums playin these things 24/7 ha!  Can't be much worse than playing a marching snare drum for quite a while though :)
I just received these babies today and unfortunately very disappointed...     Ha! just playin.  I am completly amazed.  I'd just like to thank everyone on this forum for knowing so much and all the advice.  So far I've listened to some rock, hiphop, and reggae and all sound amazing.  I know the soundstage isn't rated amazing compared to 200 dollar iems, but its one aspect I've been very impressed with, so I can't imagine the next step.  If you want a good song to...
Hi!!!!!   Happy Holidays!  
  :) I appreciate the response.  This is what I was hoping to hear.  I just haven't seen any threads on any forums comparing the two or giving experience going from zero to a mid-fi iem.  I personally live alone at the moment and enjoy working out, so to have some music that will make me impressed/give me an edge at a decent price after all these years is very exciting.   Any other experiences going from zero to the M2's or other mid-fis, feel free to post the differences...
Just curious....  How much of a difference will there be between the two and will I be pretty impressed?  I've done quite a bit of research on phones and like everything I'm seeing about the M2's, however never been exposed to anything but those damn earbuds.  To me they have shitty sound quality and no "soundstage" whatsoever.  I can hardly hear details and the bass isn't heard unless I push them in my ear.  I do have a good ear for music though as I've been a drummer...
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