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 Anyone? Any suggestions for a compact travel case?
http://www.amazon.com/CASEBUDi-Headphone-Case-Extra-Large/dp/B00BF6IKL4   Do the LCDX fit in this case?
I think I have almost given up on audiophile quality metal music.  All the metal music released this year and last few years are brickwalled and it's a losing battle trying to find good dynamic-sounding-less-loud metal albums. The new cradle of filth album which is excellent but it's so loud. And worst is that the vinyl has exact dynamics as the CD 
Alright finally got around to buying the tickets. Excited to see you guys again :)
For sale is Burson Soloist SL headphone amp. Excellent condition. Bought about a year ago from Headroom. I am the original owner and this comes from a smoke-free, child-free and pet-free home. Include original Burson box and cable. No major dents or nicks. Only a couple minor scratches from regular use. Selling it because I bought Mjolnir and have no use for the Burson.   Paypal verified address only. US - lower 48 states shipping only.   Shipping is included. Please...
Yup. Excellent DAC which I run balanced as well.
Emotiva 10% off sale on their site and Amazon.
"Low price" is cheaper than the tax?
The bass impact is not as good as the LCDs. I have my separate set of genres/songs with the 800s ;)
Yay 1000 pages!
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