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Are the Color Series HPC from Forza Audio decent cables for LCD-X?
Are the Color Series HPC from Forza Audio decent cables?
Are the pads easy to swap? Can we switch between vegan and leather as and when required easily?
Dayumm.. Bought LCD-X yesterday. LCD-X just blow HE400  . Listened to Pale Communion, Raven that Refused to Sing on the LCD-X back to back and was quite satisfied. Cymbal crashes and double bass just sound great.
Sure. It's the Soloist SL though. I am planning to come by BART.
I am in as well I will try to bring some gear but most likely will just come to listen
Selling my HE-400 bought from Razordog bought last year. First owner.    Includes :-   Headphones Stock cable Stock pads and Velour pads. Original box Original Hifiman sleeve   Also includes Slappa headphone case -     Looking for $250 shipped. Paypal gift preferred or add 3%. Local pickup in Bay Area also works for me.   Lower 48 US states only!   Not looking for any trades.
 Thank you! 
Can the Burson Soloist SL drive the LCD-X or the LCD-3? It has 2W power at 16ohms.
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