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Posts by metaldood   HE560 B-stock - $750. 
ADs pair great with Burson Soloist SL. I have the Bifrost Uber which as mentioned before is also good. 
There is no separate power adapter. The voltage switch is on the amp itself.Anyways this is going offtopic. Let's come back to the 560 dscussion
Check the supported voltage for the amp that you are going to buy! Soloist sl is great and it's dual voltage.
Looks like you guys had lot of fun :-) . Sucks that I missed this one. Looking forward to the mini meet in February next year.
Damn ...that weekend I am out of town   . Enjoy the gear!  Really wanted to hear the V200, HE560, Burson Conductor
Looking for mint Burson Soloist SL in the US. PM me your offers!
Well I am interested in the A2 ;)
Can anyone let me know what is the status of the orders and which revision is being shipped? I can probably read few hundred pages  . Also is it worth buying the cans right now or wait?   Thanks
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