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Any right angled USB-C (Male) to right angled micro-usb(male) cable recommendation? Reputed brand preferably. 
I had to use the bigger silicone inserts. 
Thanks. That helped a lot! :D
I guess third time is charm. Can anyone recommend a portable headphone amp to go along the sine20s?   Also how do I use the silicone ear thing? Any pic of how they go in the ear would be helpful.
Any recommendations for portable amp ?
Any amp recommendation for the sine20?
How is the isolation for office use?
How does the V220/281 compare with Schiit Mjolnir 1 for LCD-X and HD800? I wanted to try V220 but only after I sell Mjolnir 
Selling my Schiit Mjolnir as I am moving away from balanced setup. I bought the amp about 6 months ago used. I have kept it in great condition with no noticeable blemishes or scratches.    Does not include original box or manual. It is the 115V US version with a power cable.    Paypal Verified address only. Please add 3% if using PP Goods. I have sold many items using PP Gift and have good feedback. Not interested in trades. Priced for a quick sale. 
I am selling my beloved HD800. I bought these from Buysonic about a year ago. I use my LCDX lot more than the 800s. They are in excellent condition and comes from a pet-free, child-free and dust-free home. Always stored them on a stand. No scratches, blemishes or nicks.   1) Includes HD800 Serial# 32xxx  2) Stock 1/4" cable almost in mint condition 3) Original Case and Box!   I will ship to lower 48 states only. USPS shipping is FREE w/Tracking and PP Fee. Not...
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