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How do the Auralic Mk3 and Oppo HA1 pair with 800s?
Aww man I hope I get in :( . I always look forward to the mini meetups.
$25 for each preset seems a bit high.
I believe LCD-X were the first LCDs to launch with Fazor. Then LCD 2 and 3 were relaunched with F
Sounds like a great idea. Count me in (hope I can make it!)
Dark Tranquillity - The Science of Noise - Vinyl - LCD-X sounds amazing.
Hell yeah hope to go this year! Missed Can Jam
Received my FAW Color Series cable for HD800. Took a month and few days from order to delivery and I am happy with the cable. I ordered a shorter one because stock is too long.
Is the registration open till event day or is there an attendee limit? On eventbrite it does say "1 hour before event start".
Alright. Makes sense.
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