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How often(?) does one need to change the earpads on the 800s? 2-3 years or do they last a long time with proper care?
Selling my Schiit Uberfrost with USB - Excellent Condition 9/10 just because it's used and not brand new. I bought a new DAC that's why I am selling this. Includes original box, cable and manual.   US - Lower 48 shipping only. No trades.    Price :- 440 Paypal gift with Free priority shipping.  Local South Bay Area pickup welcome. I can give a discount if local pickup!
I would suggest doing a blind A/B test with help from your friend. Many people will suggest that upscaling affects what you hear and others will suggest it doesn't. Best is to trust your ears!
I was able to see the Sennheiser deals page before it started showing the activation message. The deals were not that exciting. 
Well what do you know USPS left a note on my door about the package and I picked it up today. I ordered the Color Series HPC for my LCD-X.  Great cable! It took about a month from order to delivery.
Does the tracking number get updated when it's handed over to USPS? I just have the Polish Post tracking number.
No issues for me. Medium sized head. I was worried about the weight after reading reviews. No problem so far. I can wear for couple of hours. Stock pads and headband. YMMV of course.
Well it's never too late to expand your headphone collection ;) 
Selling my Alpha Dogs headphones in excellent condition. Non smoking No kids and No pets household. I would rate them 9/10 just because they are used. No scratches or marks on the headphones. I am not the original owner and I bought these from another head-fier few months ago. I bought HD800 so I am selling these. This is a little older revision which does not include the doggie treats.  The foam inside the box is cut off while removing the headphone stand which is very...
WooAudio headphone stand.
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