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Looks like you guys had lot of fun :-) . Sucks that I missed this one. Looking forward to the mini meet in February next year.
Damn ...that weekend I am out of town   . Enjoy the gear!  Really wanted to hear the V200, HE560, Burson Conductor
Looking for mint Burson Soloist SL in the US. PM me your offers!
Well I am interested in the A2 ;)
Can anyone let me know what is the status of the orders and which revision is being shipped? I can probably read few hundred pages  . Also is it worth buying the cans right now or wait?   Thanks
Selling my Schiit Lyr. It's in excellent condition. Bought from another head-fi member a month ago. Down/sidegrading to Asgard 2 soon. Found out that tube sound is not for me (for now).  Includes Amperex Orange Globes and stock tubes.      Paypal gift preferred $350 shipped or add 3.5% Paypal fee.  USPS tracked shipping. Will ship in original packaging.
Selling my Alpha Dogs stock 4-pin XLR balanced cable and a 32" 4-pin Female to 1/4" Male IC.    Excellent condition.    Trade with stock Alpha Dogs 1/4" Cable.     USA only.  USPS shipped with tracking.    $60(PP gift)  shipped for the cable or $30 (PP gift) shipped for the Interconnect.
I have 4tb external HDD filled with CDRips/Digital Downloads in FLAC format.
I usually disconnect Lyr from Bifrost and then connect Bifrost to Lepai T-amp.     Computer - Bifrost  |-> [in] Lyr -> Headphone                             |-> [in] Lyr [out] -> Lepai T-amp  - Speakers      
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