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I would guess that they are not in the same class, dedicated vs multi-usage.
I just got mine, liking them alot. you guys got me scared that they wouldnt fit properly and because of that I was expecting a AD700 sized phone, these things are really small.    What should I do to help the burn in? a can of lighter fluid? (just kidding) But yeah how do you burn in  headphones
Just letting you guys know that we can get those in Canada for 199 at
Looking for some closed sub 200$ headphones, right now I have ATH-AD700 witch are really good for gaming but lack something while listening to music and some shure se-215 iems witch I cant use for long periods of time. These would be mostly for music either from my receiver or computer with a FIIO E10dac/amp. I also hate earphone that sit on the ear and prefer velour pads, but dont mind pleather. Im also looking to pick them up locally (west end of Montreal) Music I...
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Well that's what I grabed, was going to go over budget and grab some ue900 found some really cheap but couldn't validate the extra money. I really like the se215 so I'm good for now.
Just bought some se215, wanted to know witch of the 2 remote cable from sure should I get I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
I'm about to pick a set, was wondering someone with a Samsung Ativ said he needed an adapter to make the mic work, will that be also an issue with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and does the remote work.
dont they have issues with the cable connectors
I'm looking to buy iems withvan inline mic, I have a Samsung Note 2, music control is not a must budjet is 150. Those I'm looking at now are Westone TS1 Klipsch s4a ii android Beyerdynamic MMX 101 ei Shure Se215 with inline mic cord I like a well balanced sound no big bass no shrill highs.
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