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If someone has bought the Hugo 2, would appreciate if there are updates on the comparison between the original Hugo and Hugo2 solely in areas of sound quality for a 2-channel home audio system. I would be interested to know about the differences in sound quality between the Hugo and Hugo2, whether it's subtle (something not worth bothering about) or appreciable (marked improvements or differences). The additional features such as filters or taps etc. won't do much if the...
Are there any leaks on a 2Qute v2 ? The Hugo 2 is already out. I hope the 2Qute v2 will be launched by the end of the year, with all the same features as the Hugo 2 excluding headphone functions. Features such as 49,152 taps, four filter options and other technical improvements.
Has anybody done this comparison, ideally on a loudspeaker-based system rather than headphones. Which is supposed to be a "better" sounding DAC although I am aware it is all subjective?   The QBD76 is a higher model and it sits further up in the hierarchy from the Hugo TT. As far as I know, impressions are mixed as some regarded the QBD 76 as a more musical (superior) sounding unit whilst some preferred the presentation of the Hugo TT.   Any thoughts?
It has been quite a while since I used a headphone. I don't really like listening to music using headphones as I do not like the feel of the thing on my head. I have owned the Beyerdynamic T1 before and although sound is good, I can't get used to the feel and the weight of an additional device sitting on top of my head before I sold it about 3 years ago.   Now I am considering to get a good quality headphones, a full-sized over the ear type but I will not be running an...
That's not the point. I would look more like a dork with the HD800s on my head. To each his own I guess. Well, I find the T1 to be a more balanced sounding design than the HD800s anyway although their looks do put me off quite a bit.
T1. The HD800 looks like a kid's toy to me, no offense.
From my limited experience I find headphones that grip hard are uncomfortable. Although they may sound good, certain folks may not be able to listen to them for long. Perhaps it is not so much on the clamping force but the whole thing sticking to the head like a parasite, or the pressure that the cups impose upon the jawline, or the ears themselves that need a breath of fresh air having been enclosed in a semi-tight chamber of some sort for long periods. Or perhaps it's...
  Perhaps he was making a point on the HD800s being unbearable with SS amps.     So it appears that the HD800 requires tubes to get rid of the harshness and sibilance. Good to know.
Yeah, that is what I thought too with most things. Thanks for the advice.
It's a buzzing sound, not exactly a rolling sound. The possible causes include loose hair inside the earcup and a loose wire hitting against the metal or something. Even if I managed to open up the earcup, I have no idea how to troubleshoot the problem, that if I can find a hair or two in it.
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